In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to adjust the Lexus backup camera. Learn how to adjust brightness, contracts and other settings for the backup camera. 

What you will need

  • A safe off-road place to park your car (Your garage preferably)


  1. Set the parking brakes and press and hold the brake pedal. 2015-Lexus-NX-200T gear on reverse
  2. Turn on the ignition and place the shifter in reverse to turn on the backup camera.1991-Lexus-LS400 gear on reverse
  3. While the Camera is showing the display field, hit the button “ DISP” also known as the display button. It is located in the center console or the steering wheel.2007-Lexus-IS-250 Disp button2011-Lexus-LX570 disp button
  4. You can now adjust the video settings of your backup camera. Now you can adjust the brightness and contrasts and other parameters depending on the model. adjust lexus backup camera brightness