Have you ever looked at your dashboard and think "What do all these Audi warning lights mean? In this article, you will find a list of Audi warning lights and a brief explanation of what they mean.

First, let take a look at what these common Audi dashboard warning lights mean: 

Audi dashboard warning lights and symbols meaning

Engine Overheating

audi theromoteter light

If the red temperature light turns on or flashes, while driving or stays on at startup it means that engine cooling level is low or the engine is overheating. Below the thermometer symbol, you will see the words coolant. 

Do not continue to drive your Audi if the engine is overheating.

Oil Level Sensor

audi oil level sensor

This symbol is related to the engine oil level. If the light stays on when the engine is running, it means the oil level is low, or there is low oil pressure.

Turn vehicle OFF and do not drive if this light remains on. If you let your engine run with the oil light on, it may cause severe engine damage.

If the symbol shows MIN, it means the engine oil level is low. Add engine oil to bring the level to the recommended level.

If the symbol shows SENSOR, it means there is a malfunction with the oil level sensor.

Defective Light Bulb

audi defective light bulb

This symbol indicates that at least one light bulb is burned out or an incorrect bulb type has been installed. For example, you install an LED lamp where a halogen bulb is required.

Worn Brake Pads

audi worn brake pads symbol on dashboard

The yellow circle with two dashed lines indicates that your Audi brake pads are worn. BRAKE light may also turn on at the same time.

Audi Side Assist/ Blind Spot Monitor

Audi Side Assist/ Blind Spot Monitor

The side assist helps you monitor the blind spots. It warns you if there are vehicles that are getting closer or are in your blind spots.

If the light stays always on it means there is a problem with side assist.


Audi Brake System

If the indicator light illuminates, it means that either your brake fluid is low or there is a malfunction in the brake system. The light also appears when the parking brake is applied.

Be sure to release the parking brake before driving. If the light appears while driving, press the brake pedal lightly to check the pressure and verify the brakes are operational. If normal, pull over and check brake fluid level.

Oil Warning Light

Audi Oil Warning Light

If this light comes on and is red, it means there is low oil pressure or little oil in the engine. Stop the vehicle as soon as possible and check the oil level.

Add oil if the level is too low. If the oil warning light doesn't turn off, do not continue driving the vehicle. Call a mechanic and get your Audi diagnosed.

Check Engine Light

Audi Check Engine Light

If the check engine light comes on, your emission control system may have a problem or the engine is not operating correctly. The problem could be something as simple as a loose gas cap. If the engine is shaking while driving, it is recommended to pull over on a safe place and have the vehicle towed to prevent engine damage.

Battery Warning Light

Audi Battery Warning Light

If the battery symbol appears on the dashboard, it means that there is a problem with the charging system. The battery is not getting charged, or the alternator is not generating enough power. If you continue to drive with the light on, the car may eventually die, and you won't be able to restart the vehicle.

ABS (Anti-lock braking system)

Audi ABS (Anti-lock braking system)

Anti-lock braking system assists the driver to have control when driving on slippery roads. If the ABS indicator light comes On, it means that there is a problem with your braking system.

Your braking capability may or may not operate normally but ABS will definitively be disabled. 


Audi Airbag

If the airbag indicator light comes on, it indicates that the Airbag system and seat belt tensioner is malfunctioning.

Airbags may not deploy in case of an accident.

Electronic Power Steering (EPC)

Audi Speed-Sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS)

If the indicator light illuminates while driving, it means that there is a problem with your electric power steering. Check power steering fluid if your Audi has hydraulic power steering.

If this light remains on, the steering wheel may be heavier and more difficult to turn.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Audi Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

If the light comes On blinking or stays On, it indicates that one of the tires has low pressor. This light may also stay on if there is a problem on either your TPMS or your spare tire is not installed. Have your tires inflated according to the vehicle's specifications and reset the TPMS.

Keyless Access System

Audi Keyless Access System

When the key light illuminates, it means that the keyless access system is not functioning properly or the key is not recognized. Try locking and unlocking the car one more time then try to start it.

Electronic Stabilization Control ESC

Audi Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) System

ESC's main purpose is to prevent your Audi slip. If the light is flashing while driving the system is trying to prevent wheel slipping. During cornering, if the vehicle turns more or less than desired the ESC system help stabilizes the car.

When driving on loose or slippery roads, the ESC system assists the driver to maintain road traction. If the indicator light illuminates it indicates that there is a problem with the ESC system.

If both the ESC and ABS lights stay on, that means there is a malfunction with the ABS. Brakes may work properly but without ABS.

Auto Idle Stop

Have your mechanic diagnose the Auto Idle Stop system once the indicator light illuminates to make sure that the system is functioning properly.

If there is an Audi warning light that we missed, please leave a comment. To diagnose any Audi warning light, you can use an Audi VW All System Scanner to retrieve the fault code via the diagnostic port under the dashboard. For more help follow this guide, on How to read Audi fault codes

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One of the trickiest lights is the 'Check Engine Light' The fix is not always easy. If you check with a Scanner things might get even more complicated. For Audi Sedans such as A4, the general rule is try and not drive the car if the Check Engine light appears.. as many deem it to be dangerous. Some people go as far as saying that it is better to get the car towed to a dealership than to drive it. I won't go as far as that, but is always a cause of concern. The most common issue can be an Engine misfire, which can be bad for the engine if not fixed quickly.