BMW 2-Series Upgrades & Mods 2014-2018 Chassis F22 F45 F23

BMW 2-Series Upgrades & Mods 2014-2018 Chassis F22 F45 F23

Last Updated on Tuesday Sep 12, 2017

Check out these cool upgrades and modifications to transform your BMW 2-Series. These upgrades and mods are specifically for BMW:

  • 2 Series Coupé (F22, 2014–present)
  • 2 Series Active Tourer (F45, 2014–present)
  • 2 Series Gran Tourer (F46, 2015–present)

Applicable models include 218, 220, 225 D.

bmw f22 2 series upgrades

1. BMW Wheel Spacers F22

Widen the wheelbase of your ride with a set of upgraded BMS wheel spacers. They promote superior handling and roll reduction while dramatically enhancing the look of your BMW. These wheel spacers will push your rims and tires out flush with your wheel well for an instant "fat" aggressive look for a better lateral stability and better handling. These super strong BMS spacers are custom designed for BMW F22 and F23

bmw 2 series mods upgrade ideas

2: ULTRA RACING 2-Point Front Strut Tower Brace Bar BMW

Improve your vehicle’s balance, steering precision, grip levels to enhance overall driving performance by upgrading the chassis braces and sway bars. They are of advanced designs and technologies. They are also made of high-quality material and rigorous, extensive testing hence promising the best handling experience.

bmw f22 upgrades

3: BMW Universal License Plate Mount F-Chassis

Avoid fix-it tickets and leave your bumper hole free with this mounting kit. This kit can be easily removed and leaves our bumper damage free. It also features five different adjustment holes so you can tailor the fitment to your car's particular bumper.

BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit for 14+ BMW 2 Series M2 (M235i) - F22.

4: BC Racing BR Series Coilover Kit BMW 2 Series

Enhance the street driving and occasional road course duty of your car with this BR model. They have easily accessible adjustment knobs for fine tuning your compression/rebound and separately adjustable ride height. These systems come with pillow ball mounts to provide the most feedback possible from your suspension and to sharpen your steering response.

5: BMW 2 Series Powerflex Front Radius Arm To Chassis Bushes

Upgrade your vehicle's functionality with the modernized Powerflex Bushes. They are made from a technologically advanced polyurethane plastic compound made from a technologically advanced polyurethane plastic compound. They are stronger unlike conventional rubber bushes that deteriorate with age allowing movement of suspension components and geometry hence causing the tyres to wear, braking instability and poor handling and engine deflection.

6: BMW Genuine Seat Front Backrest Frame Backrest Frame

Seat comfortably in your car through upgrading the front seat backrest frame. Each segment is defined as a rigid body in conformity with the lumped model. The modeling of the seat base was very simplified as it has a limited influence in case of rear impact. They are made of aluminum hence durable.

bmw 2 series upgrade

7: BMW Genuine Chrome Tailpipe Tip (M Performance)

Give your car a perfectly new look with the fit and perfect chrome tailpipe tip. These fit perfectly and look great. These chrome tips will fit over the metal pipes like a glove. DO NOT use an Allen key to tighten the chrome tips on the pipes (you will strip the bolt) you need the star-shaped Allen key thing.