BMW Front Grill Removal DIY Upgrade Black Kidney Grille

BMW Front Grill Removal DIY Upgrade Black Kidney Grille

Last Updated on Friday May 18, 2018

In this tutorial, we will show you how to remove the OEM BMW grill (you know that ugly chrome grill) and install a black kidney grill. 

What you will need

Step 1: Remove BMW Grill

Method 1: How to remove BMW hood grill the right way

  1. Open the hood of your BMW. changing bmw grill diy


  2. Remove the weather strip by pulling it up. How To Change Your BMW Kidney Grilles The Right Way


  3. Remove the Torx bolts. You will need T-30 Torx bit set. Some models such as F30 and F31 use T27 and T25 torx bolts.How To Change the Kidney Grille for the BMW 5 Series


  4. Pull the front bumper forward and determine if there is enough room to access the back of the grill.
    • If you can access the back of the grill jump to step 7. 
    • If you can't access the back of the grill continue with the next step. 
  5. Remove the metal plate on top of the to remove bmw kidney grill 1 3 5 6 7 x1 x5 x7 seriesYou will need to remove about 8 Torx bolts. 
  6. Pull the metal plate away and place it on top of the engine. You don't need to disconnect the hood release cables. remove grill from bmw place top radiator support on the engine


  7. Access your BMW grill. Press down on three plastic tabs on top to unlock them. trick on how to remove bmw grill


  8. Use a flat screwdriver to unlock the side tabs of your old BMW grill.BMW Black Grills & Trim installtion use screwdriver to remove old oem grill


  9. Unlock the bottom tabs of the grill. bmw front grille removal instructions press up to unlock


  10. Once all the tabs are unlocked remove the old grill by pulling it forward. bmw front grill removal diy


  11. Install the new grill by pressing it in the bumper.install new black kidney grill on bmw by pressing it in


  12. Reinstall the weather strip and make sure to tighten all the bolts. 

Method 2: How to replace BMW grille trick

bmw grill removal trick

Another method to get your finger through the grill to unlock the tabs which is extremely difficult to do.There is another trick that can help you. Remove the BMW grill by using a coat hanger to unlock the locking tabs.

The hook on the hanger can be used to pull down on the tabs. It requires patience and it may not always work. It's worth a try if you don't feel like taking the screws out or releasing the front bumper.

Once you get one grill off, don't reinstall the new one yet. Use the opening of the first grill to get your hand through the opening and reach the other grill.

Step 2: Install black BMW kidney grill

Installing the new grill on a BMW bumper is easy. As you have figured out by now the real challenge is getting off the old grill. Follow these instructions to install black BMW kidney grill.

  1. Align the tabs on the black grill with the slots on the bumper. 
  2. Press the new black grill in place until you hear it lock in place. 
  3. Ensure all the tabs have been engaged. 
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