BMW hood won't stay up DIY EASY FIX

BMW hood won't stay up - Replace hood lift support

Last Updated on Thursday Oct 12, 2017

If your BMW hood won't stay up the problem usually is the hood support. Here you will find a video and DIY guide on how to replace BMW hood lift supports. To fix a BMW hood that won't stay up you will need two new BMW hood lift supports. The hood supports on BMW are gas filled and may leak failing to keep the hood in the up/open position. This is a common problem on many BMWs including 1, 3, 5, 6 X1 X3 X5 X6 series. BMW hood lift support may also be referred to as hood shock, hood lift, hood spring, gas hood lift or hood damper. Installing new BMW hood lift supports is easy and takes less than twenty minutes. Watch the video to learn how to change hood lift support or follow the step by step instructions below. 


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What you will need


Fixing a BMW hood that won't stay up is easy. Follow these instructions to replace the hood support on your BMW.

Step 1

Open the hood. 

how to fix bmw hood won't stay up

Step 2

Support your BMW hood. If the hood falls while you are working on the hood support it can cause serious injuries. The best thing to do is have someone else help keep the hood up. 

bmw hood won't stay up

Step 3

Locate two hydraulic hood supports on your BMW. Most BMW use two hood lift supports. 

bmw hood falls down weak lift support gas 1 3 5 6 x1 x3 x5 x6 series

Step 4

Use the screwdriver to push away the metal C clip. You don't need to completely remove it. Just push it away from the ball joint. 

how to replace bmw hood lift support diy guide

Step 5

Pull the hood support away from the ball joint. 

remove bmw hood lift from hood

Step 6

Repeat the procedure on the other end of the hood support. 

bmw hood lift support diy

Step 7

Get the new hood support and move the C clip away from its resting place. This will allow you to easily push the new hood lift into the ball joint. 

Hood strut removal/install for replacement/raising hood to service

Step 8 

Install the hood support on one side. Make sure to slide the C clip down to lock it in place. 

Hood Strut Replacement Hood falls on E60 won't stay up

Step 9

Install the other end of the hood support. 

how you need to replace the hood struts lift on bmw

Step 10

Repeat the same procedure for the other side of the hood. 


Enjoy a BMW hood that stays up on its own. 

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