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BMW Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code used by BMW to identify each car sold. In some countries, VIN number may also be referred as BMW chassis number. A BMW VIN number can tell you about the year, make, model, trim, options, transmission, engine and even color of your BMW. You can learn more about how to decode BMW here.  You will find your BMW VIN number on your sales invoice, registration, insurance card or if you don't have the paperwork, you can find the VIN number on your BMW. 

The most common places to find BMW VIN are:

  • Inside frame/panel of your front door (usually driver's side)
  • On the dash bottom right corner of windshield
  • On your BMW's insurance, title or registration

Location of BMW VIN Number

Each BMW will have the VIN number in at least two of the following locations. 


bmw vin number location bottom of windshield

Locate the VIN number in the bottom right corner of your windshield. Here is one place that you will find the VIN number on any BMW. This VIN number needs to be accessed from the outside. 

Driver's Door Jamb

bmw chassis number on driver door jamb

Open the driver's door and locate the sticker on the fame. Here you will find the VIN number of your BMW. This sticker also shown the month and year the BMW was manufactured, model and even paint code. 

Here is an example of a VIN number in a BMW 5-Series. 

bmw vin number example

Here is an example of BMW VIN number on an X5. 

bmw x5 vin number location

Engine Bay

bmw vin number location strut tower

BMW is known to stamp the VIN number by the strut tower on the driver or passenger side. 

License Plate

bmw vin number behind the license plate

BMW prints the VIN number on a small sticker placed behind the license plate. 

Instrument Cluster

The VIN number of the BMW in some cases can also be displayed on the instrument cluster. The instructions vary between BMW models and not all models are able to show the VIN number. 

Title or Registration

If you have any official paperwork for your BMW, it will have the VIN number printed in it, even though it may not be called VIN. Your BMW title or registration both will have the VIN number printed on top.