Why is Cadillac Airbag Light ON?

Last Updated on Thursday Apr 05, 2018

If your Cadillac AIRBAG light is ON and "Service Air Bag" message appears in the Driver Information Center it means that there is a problem with at least one of Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) components. Examples include a failed passenger seat sensor mat, deployed airbag, seat belt buckle stuck or a defective clock spring. Passenger side airbag warning indicator may also illuminate intermittently if there is a problem with the passenger seat.  If your Cadillac airbag light is ON the airbags may or may not deploy in case of an accident. To find out why your Cadillac airbag light is on, read the airbag fault codes. In this guide, you will find instructions on how to diagnose Cadillac airbag light yourself.

Diagnose Cadillac Airbag Light

What you will need


Step 1

Under the dashboard of your Cadillac, you will find the Onboard Diagnostic port also known as OBD-II port. All 1996 and newer Cadillac have this port.

Step 2

Cadillac airbag light on

Plug the OBD2 scanner into the 16 pin OBD2 port. Note that the port is trapezoid in shape and allows the scanner to plug only one direction.

Step 3

Instructions on how to reset Cadillac airbag light

Turn on the ignition. Do not start the engine. If your Cadillac has a START/STOP button, press this button without pressing the brake pedal.

Step 4

Cadillac Airbag reset tool

Allow your airbag scanner to power on. The scanner should turn on once the ignition is turned on or to position II. Once the scanner is fully powered, select Cadillac from the menu.

Step 5

Follow the prompting on the diagnostic scanner to select your model then select AIRBAG from the menu. Scroll down to read codes and scan your Cadillac for airbag fault codes. If the codes you retrieve are PRESENT status you will need to fix that problem before you can clear the airbag light. If the status of the codes is STORED it is ok to clear the code. After you clear Cadillac airbag light, turn off the ignition then back on to determine if the airbag light has been turned off.


Before you try to fix airbag problems yourself, it is recommended to call your dealer and check if there are any recalls for your car. Provide the dealer with your VIN number and they can verify if there any open recalls or not. Your dealer is responsible to fix the recall-related problems free of charge even if your car is out of warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The first question that comes to mind when your airbag or SRS light turn on is: "Is it safe to drive with the airbag light on?"

Your car will run and drive fine if the airbag light is on. Vehicles without airbags or newer cars that don't have working airbag system increase the chance of fatal injuries when involved in accidents. When you get into an accident the airbag may or may not deploy and protect you and your passengers.

Having working airbags can mean the difference between life and death.

  • Can I reset airbag light myself? 

It is very easy and simple procedure but requires a scanner which typically costs you as much as it would cost to have your car diagnosed by the dealer one time. Disconnecting the battery will not reset the airbag light. Once the codes are read from the airbag module you will need to fix the problem that triggered the airbag light. If the code is PAST or STORED such as Low Battery Voltage, it can be cleared. If the code is PRESENT, you will need to fix it then reset the airbag light. 


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