Cadillac Key Fob Battery Replacement DIY Guide

Cadillac Key Fob Battery Replacement DIY Guide

Last Updated on Wednesday Mar 28, 2018

If your Cadillac doors cannot be locked/unlocked with the key fob or you get an error message on the instrument cluster saying "No remote detected" the problem often is dead key fob battery. In this guide, you will find videos and step-by-step instructions on how to change key fob battery on any Cadillac vehicle. Instructions will help you change the battery in any Cadillac including models such as CTS, ATS, XTS, SRX, ELR, Escalade, CT6, XT5. 

Cadillac Key Fob Battery Type

Scroll down until you find the video and instructions for your Cadillac remote. 

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1. Cadillac Key Battery Replacement - Remote 1

Battery Type: CR2032


  1. Locate the small indentation on the right side of the case. cadillac key fob battery replacement


  2. Use a flat screwdriver to pop open the keyfob. 
  3. Remove the circuit board and flip it upside down. 
  4. Use the screwdriver to slide out the battery. 
  5. Slide the new battery in place. The positive side of the battery should face you. 
  6. Place the circuit board in the bottom part of the case. 
  7. Press the two parts of the remote together. 
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2. Cadillac Key Battery Replacement - Remote 2

Battery Size: CR2032


  1. Press the release button on the side of the keyfob and pull out the metal key
  2. Now use a flat head screwdriver to pry out the case at the exposed opening. 
  3. Separate the key fob case. The battery is on the back side of the keyfob. 
  4. Pop out the old battery and install the new one by pressing it in place. 
  5. The positive (+) side of the battery needs to be down (facing back cover). 
  6. When putting the two halves together, line up the top part of the remote first. 
  7. Then snap the two halves together until the key fob battery is closed. 
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If the remote does not work after changing the battery, check the following. 

  1. Use the key to lock/unlock the vehicle. Start the vehicle with the same key. If your car has Start/Stop button, press the keyfob on the button to start it. 
  2. If the remote does not lock/unlock the doors open the key fob and make sure the Positive (+) is installed on the correct side. 
  3. Remove other objects from the vicinity that may be interfering with the range of your key. 
  4. If your remote is still not working it may require programming by your dealer or locksmith. 


  • When replacing a key fob battery, do not touch the circuit board with bare hands. Static from your body could damage the remote.
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