Cadillac TPMS Reset Instructions

Cadillac TPMS Reset Instructions

Last Updated on Wednesday Apr 04, 2018

If your Cadillac detects a significant loss in tire pressure, the CHECK TIRE PRESSURE warnings is displayed on the instrument cluster or Driver Information Center (DIC). 

Cadillac Recommended Tire Pressure

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to properly inflate and reset Cadillac TPMS light. First, we will go over the instructions on how to inflate Cadillac tires to the recommended pressure. Next, you will find instructions on how to reset TPMS light on Cadillac.

What you will need


Step 1

Park your Cadillac on a safe location.

Open the driver's door and look at the frame. Another location where you can check the recommended Cadillac tire pressure is behind the fuel door. Determine the recommended tire pressure for Cadillac. In this case, the recommended pressure is 35 PSI.

Step 2

Once you locate the recommended air pressure sticker determine the recommended tire pressure for the front and rear tires.

Step 3

Plug the air compressor into the cigarette outlet port.

Step 4

Start the car and let it idle. Turn on the 12-volt tire inflator.

Step 5

Add air until the recommended pressure is reached. Typical air pressure for automotive tires is between 32-36 PSI for most cars. About 40-45 PSI for low profile tires. If the tire is hot in other words, you have been driving the vehicle then stop to add air, increase the recommended tire pressure by 3 PSI.

Reset Cadillac TPMS Warning Light

Once the pressure has been set to the recommended PSI, now it is time to reset your Cadillac TPMS light.

  1. Inflate tires to the recommended pressure. 
  2. Start the vehicle and drive reaching speeds at least 25 mph. 
  3. Continue to drive for at least 2 minutes or until the TPMS light is reset. 

If these steps do not reset TPMS light on your Cadillac, check instructions on this page. If the light does not turn off, there is a chance that one of the TPMS sensors on your Cadillac has dead batteries or is defective. Use a GM TPMS Reset Tool to troubleshoot and reset the TPMS light on your Cadillac. 

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