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How to change Audi battery DIY Guide

Last Updated on Friday Mar 09, 2018

In this tutorial, you will find instructions on how to change the battery on various Audi models. To change the battery on 1995-2020 Audi model you will need a few basic tools such as a 10mm wrench, terminal cleaning brush, battery protector and of course a new Audi battery.

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1. Symptoms of bad Audi battery

  • Audi does not start
  • Battery dead or does not hold a charge
  • Engine cranks very slow
  • Audi has no power or lights
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2. What you will need


Tools Needed:


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3. Instructions

Step 1: Turn off the engine

1995-2020 Audi model Change car battery at home negative termnial

Before you get started replacing the car battery on your Audi remove the key from the ignition. Audi can be sensitive to low voltage and keeping the key in the igntion can cause electrical problems.

In case your Audi battery is completely dead, you will not be able to get into the car because your key fob remote will not unlock the car. Remvoe the metal key from the remove and manually open the driver's door.

Step 2: Open Hood

Pull the hood release under the dashboard on driver's side. Next, release the hood latch at the front of your model

Step 3: Locate Battery

open trunk to access battery

To access the battery you may need to remove the plastic cover. 

Step 4: Disconnect Negative

1995-2020 Audi model Change car battery at home negative termnial

Disconnect the negative battery termnial on your Audi. Loosen the 10mm nut, no need to remove it. Then twist the cable and pull it away from the battery post.

Step 5: Disconnect Possitive

Next, disconnect the positive battery termnail.

Step 6: Replace Battery

Remove battery hold down bracket. Here is a close up picture of the battery bracket on your Audi model.

Step 7: Clean Terminals

It is important to clean battery termnails of your Audi using a termnial brush. This will ensure that you don't have any corrosion issue in the future.

Step 8: Connect Positive

Reconnect battery terminals. First, connect the positive battery cable on your Audi.

Step 9: Connect Negative

Lastly, conect the negative termnials. Use fiber washers to prefent corrosion of the battery termnails.

Step 10: Protect Termnials

Spray terminal protector on the battery posts and clamps. A battery protector helps seal the metal surfaces. It helps reduce corrosion and improves current flow.

Step 11: Start engine

Audi A S Q TT models  chattery chage guide instructions to do it at home

Now it is time to start your Audi. Enter the car and start the engine as you normally would. Follow the instructiosns found on your owner's manual to synchronize windows, sunroof, seats and set lost radio preset stations.

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  • If your vehicle does not start, make sure the battery cables are secured to the battery posts. 
  • Radio presets, seat memory, sunroof may need to be reset. 
  • Follow these instructions to learn How to test battery, alternator and charging system on a car.
  • Car batteries can last from 3 to 8 years.
  • If your battery has died it is important to perform a charging system test to verify the battery is the culprit.
  • If the new battery drains again it can be due to a parasitic draw.
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