How to check coolant level, Add antifreeze Nissan Quest 2011-2017

How to check coolant level, Add antifreeze Nissan Quest 2011-2017

Updated Wednesday Nov 15, 2017

Learn how to add coolant to Nissan Quest. Check Quest coolant level and add antifreeze if the level is low. Do not open the radiator cap of your Quest, if the engine is hot. Instead, add coolant to the coolant reservoir of your Quest. If the low engine coolant or the check coolant light came on in your Quest, the first thing you need to do is check the coolant level.


  • Engine coolant level warning
  • Engine overheating
  • Coolant level low
  • Antifreeze smell from engine bay

What you will need

  • Nissan Engine Coolant
    Nissan Quest engine cooling system is filled at the factory with a pre-diluted mixture of 50% Genuine NISSAN Long Life Antifreeze Coolant (blue) and 50% water


Do not continue to operate your Nissan Quest if the engine is overheating or the high engine temperature light comes on in your Nissan.

Step 1 - Open Hood

Locate the hood release underneath the dashboard of your Nissan Quest Pull the lever until you hear the Nissan hood pop open. Next, you need to release the hood safety latch at the front of your Quest.

Step 2 - Locate Coolant Reservoir

Next you locate the coolant reservoir (tank) on your Nissan. This is the location where you add engine coolant reservoir is on a Nissan Quest. On a Quest the coolant reserver is located on the driver/passenger side of the engine.

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Step 3 - Check Nissan Quest Coolant Level

Look at the coolant reservoir tank and note the low and high level. If the level is below the minimum mark you will need to add coolant or your Quest may overheat.

Step 4 - Remove Cap

Remove coolant reservoir cap from your Quest.

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Step 5 - Add Coolant / Antifreeze

Add engine coolant/antifreeze. Only add colant type recommended by Nissan.