How to check engine oil level on VW Jetta Passat Golf Tiguan Routan CC EOS and more. 

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to check the engine oil level on a  Volkswagen. 


Checking Volkswagen (VW) engine oil level is very easy. Turn off the engine and wait at least five minutes for the engine oil to return to the oil pan. Open the hood and remove the dipstick. Wipe the dipstick with a clean cloth and reinsert the dipstick all the way in. Wait two seconds, and then remove it. Check VW engine oil level by looking at the dipstick. The oil level should be in the shaded area of the dipstick between the MIN and MAX marks.


Step-by-step instructions on how to check VW engine oil level. 

  1. Park your Volkswagen on level ground. Park VW to check engine oil level
  2. Turn off the ignition and set the parking brake(s). check vw engine oil level with engine off


  3. Wait at least 5 minutes. This will allow the oil to return to the oil pan so that you can take an accurate measurement.  
  4. Pull the hood release under the dashboard. Go to the front of the vehicle, release the hood latch, and lift up the hood. Secure the hood with the hood rod or ensure the hood stays up on its own. If you need help with this step, see our guide on how to open VW hood. open hood to check vw engine oil level
  5. Under the hood, you will find a yellow round-shaped ring that you can pull (dipstick) to check the engine oil. VW oil dipstick location


  6. Remove the dipstick and clean it with a clean cloth. 
  7. Fully reinsert the dipstick then pull it out again. 
  8. Determine the engine oil level by looking at the dipstick. The level should be between the MIN and MAX marks. VW engine oil dipstick
  9. If the oil level is below the minimum mark, remove the oil cap from the top of the engine, and add the recommended oil type. 

Follow these steps to check the engine oil level on VW Jetta, Passat, Golf, GTI, EOS, CC, Tiguan, Routan, Bettle etc. 

Check VW engine oil level hot or cold? 

check engine oil level hot or cold

In theory, you can check VW oil level both ways, with the engine hot or cold. If engine is hot you risk getting burned. 

If you check the engine oil level when the engine is hot, you need to careful to not get burned. Also if you’ve just turned off the engine, you must wait at least five minutes before you check the oil level. 

We recommend that you make sure that the engine isn’t hot when you check the oil to avoid getting burned. Allow the engine to cool down first. Keep in mind that the oil itself could burn you.

What do you need to check VW engine oil level? 

To check VW engine oil level you don’t need any tools other than clean cloth. When you remove the dipstick from the engine, you’ll need to wipe it clean before you reinsert it and determine the oil level.

How often should I check VW oil level?

Check engine oil level at least once a month. Certain VW engines such as the four-cylinder 2.0T are known to burn oil and may burn up to 1qt of oil per 1000 miles. 

On average, a vehicle owner should check their vehicle’s engine oil at least once every month but we recommend checking your oil more often, such as once every other week if your VW burns or loses engine oil.

Why Check VW Engine Oil Level?

To keep your VW running at peak performance. Make sure to check the engine oil level at least once a month and perform an oil change twice a year or as recommended by the manufacturer. 

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