Chevrolet Sway Bar End Link Replacement

Chevrolet Sway Bar End Link Replacement

Updated Monday Apr 23, 2018

In this guide, you will find instructions on how to change sway bar links (also called stabilizer or end links) on a Chevrolet vehicles. Changing the sway bar end links is an easy job that can be completed in less than one hour. To change Chevrolet sway bar links you will need a few basic tools. 

Symptoms of bad Chevy sway bar links

  • Clunking noise,
  • Rattling from the front end,
  • Loose suspention,
  • Poor handling

What you will need


Step 1

tie rod replacement guide

Jack up your Chevrolet and make sure to set the parking brake.

Step 2

Remove the front wheel. Place jack stand under the vehicle to support it.

Step 3


chevrolet sweay bar link

Locate the sway bar link that you need to replace.

Step 4

Chevrolet  Spark, Sonic, Bolt, Volt, Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Camaro, Corvette, City Express, Trax, Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Silverado, Sonic, Blazer, Astro, HHR, Uplander, Avalanche etc. Sway Bar Link Location

Remove the nut that secures the sway bar link to the front strut.

Step 5

Remove the lower nut that secures the sway bar link to the sway bar.

Step 6

Install the new sway bar and torque the nuts according to the manufacturer specification.

Torque Specifications

  • Sway Bar End Links - 18 ft. lbs. Typical 
  • 70-130 ft. lbs. See owners manual. 

Always verify torque recommendations by calling your dealer.