If your Chevrolet airbag light stays on and won't turn off, it is because the Safety Restraint System (SRS) has detected a problem with one of the airbag components. Two possibilities include damaged wires or low voltage.

While the airbag light stays on, the SRS system will not function and no airbag will deploy in case of an accident. Don't ignore the airbag light. Get the airbag system diagnosed as soon as possible. 

Common Problems

chevy airbag light on

Chevrolet airbag light may come on due to several possible issues such as:

  • Low battery voltage caused by a dead battery
  • Passenger weight sensor defective
  • Previous accident
  • Deployed airbags
  • Faulty seat belts
  • Damaged crash sensor
  • Bad clock spring
  • Wiring harness damaged

Read fault codes from the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) / airbag system to narrow down the problem. 

How to Read / Clear Chevy Airbag Light 

Below you will find instructions on how to read codes from the airbag module and clear them when appropriate. 

For this procedure, you will need a Chevrolet Airbag Scan Tool. If you use a generic OBD-II scanner, it will show no fault codes, even though airbag codes are present and the airbag light is on. 

  1. Under the dashboard of your Chevrolet, you will find the Onboard Diagnostic port also known as OBD-II port. All 1996 and newer Chevrolet have this port.

  2. Plug your Chevrolet Airbag Scan Tool into the 16 pin OBD2 port. The port is trapezoid shape and allows the scanner to plug only in one direction.Chevrolet  airbag light on
  3. Turn on the ignition. Do not start the engine. If your Chevrolet has a START/STOP button, press this button without pressing the brake pedal. Instructions on how to reset Chevrolet  airbag light
  4. Allow your Chevrolet airbag scanner to power on. The scanner should turn on once the ignition is turned on or to position II. Once the scanner is fully powered, select Chevrolet from the menu. Chevrolet  Airbag reset tool
  5. Follow the prompting on the diagnostic scanner to select your model. Next, manually select the AIRBAG SYSTEM. Scroll down to read codes and scan your Chevrolet for airbag fault codes. If the codes you retrieve are PRESENT or CURRENT status you will need to fix that problem before you can clear the airbag light. 
  6. If the status of the codes is STORED or PAST it is ok to clear the code. For example, an airbag fault code triggered by battery voltage can be erased once the battery has been recharged. After you clear Chevrolet airbag light, turn off the ignition then back on to determine if the airbag light has been reset.
  7. Go back to the Airbag / SRS control unit. 
  8. Scroll down to Clear / Erase Fault Codes and press enter. 

If the problem hasn't been fixed the airbag light will come back on imeditaley or as soon as the problem is detected again. 

These instructions apply to Chevy Spark, Sonic, Bolt, Volt, Cruze, Malibu, Impala, Camaro, Corvette, City Express, Trax, Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, Suburban, Colorado, Silverado, Sonic, Blazer, Astro, HHR, Uplander, Avalanche etc.


Chevrolet has issued a number of airbags recalls over the years.

Find your VIN number at the lower-left corner of the windshield and call any Chevy dealer to check if any recalls are open. 

If there is an open recall for your Chevy airbag system, the dealer may fix that problem-free of charge if related to the recall. The dealer will need to diagnose the vehicle and verify that the airbag light is on because of the recall.

Dealers are not responsible to fix all airbag problems free of charge. Only those issues related to the recall. 


  • Can I reset Chevy's airbag light by disconnecting the battery? 
    • Disconnecting the battery for a few hours and reconnecting it does not clear the airbag fault codes on Chevrolet vehicles. You will need a diagnostic scanner that can read and clear Chevrolet airbag codes.

  • Chevy airbag light is on, but there are no codes. 

    • If you scan the car with an OBD-II scanner and you don't get any codes the most likley cause is that you are using a generic scanner that can not access the Chevrolet airbag module. Instead of using a generic scanner, use an airbag scanner for Chevy. 

  • How can I reset airbag ligt on a Chevy? 

    • Use an airbag scanner to read the fault codes via the OBD-II port under the dasbhaord. Address all fault codes shown when you read the codes. Use the scanner to reset the codes. 

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How to repair B0091 after replacing sensor and still getting code?

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If you have replaced the sensor.. has the problem been fixed? Sometimes, you might just see an error for a while. If the ACTUAL problem still remains remember that the B0091 code can mean 3 things 1. Faulty Left Front Side Air Bag Satellite Sensor 2. Left Front Side Air Bag Satellite Sensor harness is open or shorted 3.Left Front Side Air Bag Satellite Sensor circuit poor electrical connection If you solved the 1st problem, check for the other two

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The airbag light on my chevy impala has been on for a few months. The dealer wanted $90 for diagnostics. And there are no open recalls for that car. So I knew I would have to pay for diagnostics plus the price of the repir who knew how much. I ended up getting Launch creader and scanned for the codes. It came with a code for passenger seat sensor. I was looking under the seat on the passenger side and found the connector disconnected. Pluged it back on and reset the airbag code with the scanner. Light is gone. Plus I have a scanner that I can use again on this and othe rcars. Thank you for this tutorial