Chrysler 300 Spark Plug Replacement & Ignition Coil 3.6 V6 Engine

Chrysler 300 Spark Plug Replacement & Ignition Coil 3.6 V6 Engine

Last Updated on Tuesday Apr 24, 2018


Experiencing engine misfire on a Chrysler 300. This is the most common sign that spark plugs or ignition coils need to be replaced on a Chrysler 300. You may also notice the following symptoms:

  • Chrysler 300 Engine Misfires
  • Fuel Economy has decreased
  • Your Chrysler 300 is lacking acceleration and power
  • Rough idle at stop light
  • Your Chrysler 300 struggles to start
  • Engine shakes and Check engine light ON

Note that this article will focus on Chrysler 300 equipped with the six cylinders 3.6L Pentastar. According to the owner's manual your are required to change the spark plugs every 100,000 miles. In some cases, the spark plugs or ignition coils can fail as early as 60,000 miles. 

Why is this important

diy guide chrysler 300 spark plug replacementIt is important to change the spark plugs on your Chrysler 300 at the recommended interval in order to avoid engine performance issues. Your fuel economy will decrease if your spark plugs are in poor condition. If one of the spark plugs or ignition fails completely your engine will start to shake and the check engine light will start to flash. You may get stranded away from home. Don't drive your Chrysler 300 if the check engine light is flashing. 

Cost Comparison

Replacing the spark plugs yourself on your Chrysler 300 can save your $300-$400 USD. To replace the spark plugs on a Chrysler 300 takes between two to three hours. That's because, on the 3.6L Pentastar engine, you are required to remove the intake plenum which is part of the intake manifold. It is a straight forward job but time-consuming.

Let's take a look at what it would cost to change the spark plugs at the dealer vs changing them yourself. 

Dealer Mechanic DIY Cost
$350-$500 $240-$380 $50-$80

If you are able to remove the ignition coils and sparks plugs without having to remove the intake plenum this would have been a $200 job at most repair shops. But due to the design of the Pentastar engine, one to two hours of labor are required to change the spark plugs.  

Instructions: Chrysler 300 Spark Plug Replacement

chrysler 300 spark plug replacementFollow this guide on Chrysler 300 spark plug replacement to learn how to replace the spark plugs on your 3.6L Pentastar engine. Don't be discouraged by the fact that you need to remove the intake plenum. This is a simple but time-consuming job. Watch the video to see all the steps required to change the spark plugs on your car. 


  • Engine: Chrysler Pentastar Engine 3.6L
  • Years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Models: 300 Base, 300 S V6, 300 C w/ V6, 300 C Glacier Series w/ V6, 300 C Luxury Series w/ V6

Video on how to change spark plugs on 3.6L Chrysler 300 

Below you will find information on tools and torque specs that wasn't included in the video.

Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Replacement 3.6l Pentastar Engine

Instructions: Ignition Coil and Spark Plug Replacement Chrysler Pentastar Engine

(Pentastar 3.6L Engine)

Spark plug replacement 2011–2016 Chrysler 200[9] (Models: LX, Touring, Limited, S, and C)

Parts Required

  • Spark Plugs
    There are many options when it comes to the spark plugs but here are the Top 3 you should consider. Note that these spark plugs come pre-gaped and should not be changed. The required gap is 0.043". Spark plug tightening torque is 13 lb/ft. 
  • Ignition Coils
    • Mopar 5149168AI
      • OEM ignition coil for Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar engine. It is recommended to stay with original factory coils to avoid problems down the road. Interchange part number: UF648, C1791, 5C1848, E1148, 2505484816, Supersedes 5149168AH.

Tools you will need:

This is a list of tools that you will need to change the spark plugs and ignition coils on a 3.6L Pentastar engine. We hope you already have most of these tools. If you don't, we recommend that you invest in a mechanic tool set that has all these tools. Read this article on choosing the best tool set for DIY auto repair. 

  • 1/4" Drive Ratchet
  • 3" Extension (1/4")
  • 10 mm Socket
  • 8 mm socket
  • 5/8" Spark Plug Socket (3/8")
  • 12" Extension (3/8")
  • 3/8" Drive Rachet
  • Dielectric Grease
  • Torque Wrench
  • Spark plug gatting

DIY: Spark plug replacement Chrysler Pentastar Engine

  1. Let the engine cool down. Open the hood. 
  2. Disconnect negative battery terminal. 
  3. Remove engine cover by pulling it up. You don't need to remove any screws to remove the engine cover. 
  4. Disconnect the vacuum lines. 
  5. Disconnect the air intake from the throttle body. Disconnect any vacuum tubes connected to the air intake tube. Loosen the 8 mm hose clamp screw. Unplug the air temperature sensor near the throttle body. 
  6. Remove the 8mm bolts (in some engine these may require T30 Torx bit) that secure the intake plenum (manifold) to the top of the engine. There are seven bolts that need to be removed.  These are long bolts and don't need to come all the way out. Remove the two 10 mm bolts on the front. Remove the two 10 mm bolts on the back of the intake to replace spark plugs chrysler penta star Remove one 13 mm bolt on the metal bracket and push the bracket back. Next, lift up the intake manifold and move it aside. Cover the intake with a clean newspaper so that no foreign object or dirt falls inside the engine. 2012–2015 Lancia Voyager (Models: Limited)
  7. Rubber Gaskets between the plenum and intake manifold. 
    When you remove the intake plenum you will notice that there are three rubber gaskets between the plenum and intake manifold. These gaskets are typically integrated into the intake manifold part and don't necessary need to be removed. Do not add any silicone or gasket sealant here as it is not necessary. The most important thing to do is tighten the intake plenum bolts to spec as described in the following steps.  2012–2014 Lancia Thema
  8. Remove the 10 mm bolts that hold the ignition coils in place. 2012–present Jeep Wrangler (Models: Sport, Unlimited Sport, Sport Unplug the electrical connectors from the ignition coils.  2011–2014 Volkswagen Routan (Models: S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium)Ignition coil removed.  2011–present Jeep Grand Cherokee (Models: Laredo
  9. Remove the old spark plugs. 2011–2016 Chrysler Town & Country (Models: LX, Touring, Touring There are six plugs.  2011–present Chrysler 300 (Models: 300 Base, 300 S V6, 300 C w/ V6, 300 C Glacier Series w/ V6, 300 C Luxury Series w/ V6)Spark plug removed.  2011–present Dodge Durango (Models: Express, SXT, Crew, Crew Lux, Citadel, ACT Plus, Limited, R/T)
  10. Be careful so that NO foreign materials fall into the combustion chamber via the spark plug holes.  Install the new spark plug by lowering them slowly. Note that all spark plugs that are iridium or platinum spark plug should come pre-gapped. You should always double check them and make sure they are all gaped correctly before inserting them into the cylinder head. Use the extension and your 5/8" socket to tighten the new spark plugs. Tighten the spark plugs to 10 ft-lbs. If you are not using a torque wrench you may want to get your spark plugs snug then turn an extra half a turn.  2012–present Fiat Freemont
  11. Add a coat of dielectric grease to the end of coil pack boot. 2011–present Dodge Charger (Models: SE, SXT, SXT +, SXT Rallye Edition)Insert the coil into the spark plug hole. 2011–present Dodge Journey (Models: SE American Value Package (AVP) or Canadian Value Package (CVP), Mainstreet, Crew, Crew Lux, SXT, R/T Crossroad)Tighten the 10 mm bolt until they are snug, don't over tighten these bolts.  2011–2015 Dodge Grand Caravan (Models: SE American Value Package (AVP) or Canadian Value Package (CVP), SE, Crew, Crew Lux, SXT, R/T SE Plus, SXT Plus)
  12. Install the plenum. If you have new gaskets to install between the intake manifold and plenum now is the time to replace them. Otherwise, go to next step. 
  13. Install the plenum in reverse order of removal. The 7 bolts will need to be torqued to 7-9 Nm (5-6.6 lb/ft). It is important that these bolts are torqued to spec. 
  14. Next, tighten the two 10mm bolts in front of the plenum. 
  15. Next, install the bracket on the other side of the plenum. Place the bracket in place and tighten the 10mm and 13mm bolts. 
  16. Next, reattach the air intake tube to the throttle body. 
  17. Reconnect any vacuum hose you disconnected earlier such as PCV hose and makeup line. 
  18. Reconnect wiring harness that you may have removed.
  19. Reinstall the engine cover by placing it on top of the engine and pressing it down until you hear it lock. 
  20. Reconnect the negative engine terminal. 
  21. Start up the engine and make sure the engine is running smooth. 

Vehicle Applications

This 3.6L Chrysler engine is found in the following makes and models and the instructions found on this page will help owners of:

  • 2011–2016 Chrysler 200 (Models: LX, Touring, Limited, S, and C)
  • 2011–present Chrysler 300 (Models: 300 Base, 300 S V6, 300 C w/ V6, 300 C Glacier Series w/ V6, 300 C Luxury Series w/ V6)
  • 2011–2016 Chrysler Town & Country (Models: LX, Touring, Touring "L", Limited, S, Limited Platinum)
  • 2011–2014 Dodge Avenger (Models: SE V6, SXT, R/T)
  • 2011–present Dodge Challenger (Models: SE, SXT, SXT +, SXT Rallye Edition)
  • 2011–present Dodge Charger (Models: SE, SXT, SXT +, SXT Rallye Edition)
  • 2011–present Dodge Durango (Models: Express, SXT, Crew, Crew Lux, Citadel, ACT Plus, Limited, R/T)
  • 2011–2015 Dodge Grand Caravan (Models: SE American Value Package (AVP) or Canadian Value Package (CVP), SE, Crew, Crew Lux, SXT, R/T SE Plus, SXT Plus)
  • 2011–present Dodge Journey (Models: SE American Value Package (AVP) or Canadian Value Package (CVP), Mainstreet, Crew, Crew Lux, SXT, R/T Crossroad)
  • 2011–present Jeep Grand Cherokee (Models: Laredo "E", Laredo "X", 70TH Anniversary Edition, Trailhawk, Altitude Edition, Limited, Overland, Overland Summit Edition)
  • 2011–2014 Volkswagen Routan (Models: S, SE, SEL, SEL Premium)
  • 2012–present Fiat Freemont
  • 2012–present Jeep Wrangler (Models: Sport, Unlimited Sport, Sport "S", Unlimited Sport "S", Freedom Edition, Unlimited Freedom Edition, Altitude Edition, Unlimited Altitude Edition, 70TH Anniversary Edition, Unlimited 70TH Anniversary Edition, Sahara, Unlimited Sahara, Moab, Unlimited Moab, Rubicon, Unlimited Rubicon, Rubicon 10TH Anniversary, Unlimited Rubicon 10TH Anniversary)
  • 2012–2015 Lancia Voyager (Models: Limited)
  • 2012–2014 Lancia Thema
  • 2012–2015 Ram Cargo Van (Models: C/V Base, C/V Tradesman)
  • 2013–present Ram 1500 (Models: Tradesman, SLT, HFE)
  • 2014–present Ram ProMaster
  • 2015–2016 Chrysler 200 (295-hp, 262-lb ft)

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