Ford F150 Oil Change Guide

Vehicle:   Ford
Difficulty: ⚫⚫⚪⚪⚪
DIY Cost: $20-$70
Est. Time: 1 hr

In this DIY guide, you will step-by-step instructions on how to change engine oil and filter on a Ford F150 with the 3.6V EcoBoost engine. 

What you will need


Follow these steps to change the engine oil on a Ford F-150.

  1. Jack up the vehicle or drive it up on-ramps. Set the parking brakes and place the shifter in Park. jack up engine oil
  2. Support the vehicle with jack stands. 
  3. Remove the rearmost shroud below the engine using an 8mm socket. Do not remove the metal plate under the engine. The oil drain plug is further back covered by the black shroud. shround under ford f150 shroud under the oil drian plug
  4. Use a 15mm wrench to loosen the oil drain plug but do not remove it yet. The oil drain plug on a Ford F150 is underneath the passenger's engine and falls directly under the passenger footwell. oil drain plug ford f150


  5. Place the oil drain pan under the oil drain plug. Have the drain pan positioned more towards the passenger side as the oil will shoot out about one foot off the drain plug. Be ready to quickly adjust the oil pan location if needed. The oil will shoot out towards the front right wheel and may hit the sway bar. 
  6. Remove the oil drain plug and allow the oil to drain fully.Drain oil on ford f150


  7. Install the oil drain plug and tighten it to 20 lb-ft using a torque wrench.oil filter drain plug 
  8. Remove the black plastic square that is on the metal plate directly under the engine. This is where oil will spill out when you remove the oil filter. Place an oil pan directly under the open hole. oil drain plug


  9. Remove the splash shield that is towards the front to get access to the filter. ford f150 oil filter location
  10. Use oil filter pliers to remove the oil filter mounted on the front side of the engine.remove engine oil filter ford f150Place the oil filter on the oil pan to allow it to drain. 
  11. Get the O-ring slightly wet with oil. ford f150 oil filter Install the oil filter and tighten it by hand. install oil filter ford f150Do not tighten the oil filter with the oil pliers, or you will damage the filter. Only use a filter wrench to remove the oil filter. Do not use the oil filter wrench to install the new filter. 
  12. Install the shroud and any other parts that you removed from under the engine. 
  13. Open the hood by pulling the hood release under the dashboard. 
  14. Remove the oil cap on top of the engine, driver's side. ford f150 oil fill location
  15. Use an oil funnel and add 6 quarts of engine oil. add engine oil
  16. Check the engine oil level using the oil dipstick. ford f150 ecoboost oil dipstickThe oil level must be between the MIN and MAX marks.  See the hatched area. oil level ford f150
  17. Reset engine oil reminder via the buttons on the steering wheel. Use the arrow buttons on the left side of the steering wheel to scroll all the way to the main menu. Use the arrows to highlight “Display Mode. Use the right arrow to select it. Scroll down to “Engine Information. Press and hold the “OK” button for about 3 seconds to reset the oil life.oil level reminder
  18. Dispose of the old oil properly. You can take the old oil to any local auto parts store to dispose of it. 

The pictures in this guide are from a 2019 Ford F-150. This guide applies to other models years as the same engine is used in various years and models. 

Oil Capacity

Ford F150 equipped with 2.7L V6 engine and 3.5L V6 engine requires 6 quarts of 5W-30 Full Synthetic Oil. 

Fords F150 equipped with the 3.3L V6 require 5w-20 and holds 6 quarts of 5W-20 Full Synthetic Oil.

Fords F-150 equipped with the 5.0L V8 require 8.8 quarts of  5w-20 Full Synthetic

Fords F-150 equipped with the 3.0L V6 diesel engine require 6.4 quarts of 5w-30 Full Synthetic Diesel Oil.

Ford F150 Oil Change Interval

Oil change on a Ford F150 should be performed every 7500 miles, but that value can vary depending on the year. Some newer F150 models have one year or 10,000 miles (16,000 km) change intervals. 


Ford F150 Won't Start After Oil Change.

In most cases, a Ford F150 won't start after an oil change because the car battery is partially discharged. If you left the radio or ignition on as you changed the oil on your Ford F150, the battery might have discharged, and you can no longer start the truck. 

The battery may be discharged even if the lights or dashboard turns on. To get your truck started again, jump start it. 

Ford F150 Low oil pressure after oil change

If low oil pressure light comes on after an oil change, make sure the oil filter is tight. Next, check the engine oil level. 

How to reset Ford F150 after an oil change?

Use the arrow buttons on the left side of the steering wheel to scroll all the way to the main menu.

Use the arrows to highlight Display Mode and use the right arrow to select it. Scroll down to Engine Information.  Press and hold the “OK” button for about 3 seconds to reset the oil life. 

By YOUCANIC Automotive Experts
Nov 2020