How to jump start ACURA model 1998-2019

How to jump start any ACURA vehicle

Last Updated on Monday Feb 19, 2018

There are two methods to jump-start an ACURA that has a dead battery. You can use another car to jump start your ACURA or use a jump box. In this guide, you will find instructions on how to jump-start an ACURA using both these methods. The instructions on this page will help owners of Acura CDX, CL, VSX, EL, ILX, Integra, Legend, MDX, NSX, RDX, RL RLX, RSX, SLX, TL TLX, TSX, VIGOR, ZDX jump start their car.

If your Acura battery is dead and you can't unlock the car, follow this guide on how to manually unlock and get inside an Acura with a dead battery

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1. Symptoms

Typical symptoms of a dead ACURA battery include:

  • ACURA won't Start,
  • Acura engine won't turn over,
  • Only hear a click when you try to start
  • Can't unlock the car
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2. What you will need

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3. Instructions

Step 1: Turn off ignition

diy instructions on how to jump start

Remove key from the ignition. Modern cars are very sensitive to voltage drips, and ACURA model is no exception. To avoid electrical problems, start by removing the key from the ignition. Remove the key from the helper car as well, if you are using another car to jump start your Acura. 

Step 2: Open Hood

ACURA model chassis jump start instructions

Open the hood. Locate the hood release underneath the dash. Pull the lever until you hear the hood pop open. Next, you need to release the hood safety latch at the front of the hood.

Step 3: Locate Battery

1998-2019 ACURA model Jump Starting Instructions

Locate the terminals where you can jump start your ACURA model.

Step 4: Determine Jump Terminals

instruction on how to jump start ACURA model with dead battery

Here is the positive terminal. On this terminal, you will connect the red clamp from your jump box or the red clamp of the jumper cables.

Step 5: Connect Neg. Jumper Cable

how to jump start model with jumper cables

Here is one place where you can connect to the negative terminal. A bolt on the strut tower or any bare metal can also be used to connect the negative cable (black clamp)

Step 6: Jump Start ACURA model

The next step depends on the method you are using to jump start your car. 

If you are using a jump box, you simply need to connect it and turn it on. The other option is to jump-start your ACURA with the help of another car.

Connect the jumper cables to the helper car. Red clamp goes on the red battery terminal. Black clamp goe son the negative battery terminal of the helper car. Start the helper car and let it idle for a couple of minutes.

Step 7: Start Engine


Start the engine. If the car won't start the first time, check the clamps to make sure they are making good contact.

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4. Best way to charge a dead Acura battery

There are times when you get stranded away from home and end up with a dead battery. In such cases, you have no choice but to jump-start the Acura battery. The problem with jump-starting an Acura this way is that the alternator is not designed to charge a dead battery and run the car at the same time. Often you may end up with electrical issues after you jump start an Acura such as airbag light coming on after a jump start. 

The better way to start an Acura is to bring the battery to fully charged status using a trickle battery charger . This ensures the car battery is fully charged. This is a better method to get an Acura back and running again. Especially if your Acura died at home and you have time. Charging an Acura battery with a battery charger can take from 4 to 24 hours. You need a charger that provides anywhere from 2 amperes to 12 ampere at 12 volt. 

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