In this guide, you will find a list of Lexus warning lights and what each symbol means. 

You can diagnose most Lexus warning light with an All System OBD-II Scanner for Lexus. The diagnostic port is located under the dashboard on the driver's side. 

Lexus warning lights and symbols meaning indicator

washer fluidWindshield Washer Fluid

This light means that the windshield washer fluid level is low. There is no water to spray on the windshield when you press the wiper switch.

At your next stop, open the hood, locate the windshield fluid reservoir and add windshield washer fluid. 

Winshiled washer fluid reservoir cap has the same symbol on top. Do not use plain water. 

  Lexus vsc light VSC Light Slip Indicator  | VSC Light Slip Indicator 

VSC stands for Vehicle Stability Control. Lexus VSC system helps stabilize the vehicle during emergency maneuvers. It works in conjunction with the ABS and brake system. 

If slip indicator flashes it means the vehicle is loosing traction. Slow down and drive more carefully. 

If slip indicator stays on it means system is disabled. 

Check engine light may also come on when there is a problem to remind you that it is time to get your car diagnosed.

Use an All System Lexus Scanner to diagnose the VSC and traction control problems. 

When the light stays on, it means that there is malfunctioning in:

  • TRAC system
  • Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system
  • Hill-start assist control system
  • DRS System, if equipped
  • VGRS system, if equipped

Common problems include faulty ABS sensor, clock spring, ABS pump, etc. 

It is possible to continue driving but do so with caution. Stabilty control and traction control systems are disabled. 

 Engine Overheating | High Coolant Temperature Engine Overheating | High Coolant Temperature

This light is on or flashes to let your know that the engine is overheating. Pull over imediatly, turn off the engine and let it cool down. Once the engine has cooled down, check the engine coolant level. 

Lexus radiator lightHow to check engine coolant level. 

  • Stop the vehicle immediately in a safe place. 
  • Turn off the engine
  • Only when the engine has cooled down, check the engine coolant level, check the radiator reservoir, hoses for any leaks
  • If the level of the fluid in the reservoir is between MAX and MIN, the level is satisfactory.
  • Add the coolant if the level is below the min mark.
  • Turn on the engine check if the radiator fan is working.

Monitor engine temperature by looking at the temperature gauge. The needle needs to stay at the midle of the gauage. 

Do not drive or keep the engine running if the engine is overheating. 


Battery Warning Light Battery Warning Light

When Lexus battery light stays on or flashes it means the battery there is a problem with the charging system. Depending on the problme the car may run for another 10  - 30 minutes then shut off. 

You may have a bad alternator, bad voltage regulator, damaged wires, loose battery connection, etc.


Engine Oil Light | Oil Pressure   Engine Oil Light | Oil Pressure

When the oil light comes on it means that the engine oil pressure is very low or the engine oil level is low. The oil light may be always on, red or yellow or may flash. 

Pull over as soon as it is safe to do so. Turn off the engine and check the oil level and add oil if needed. 

Do not operate the vehicle with this light on. 

master warning light   Exclamation mark light | Master warning light 

This is a master warning light that does not provide much information on its own. It simply says that there is a fault in the Master Warning System. 

Typically comes on at the same time as at least one other warning light. 

Check Engine CEL   Check Engine CEL  | MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp 

If the check engine light comes on, it means that the Onboard Diagnsoittc System (OBD) has detected a problem with the engine, transmission or EVAP system. 

If the check engine light is always on (solid) you may be able to continue your journey. 

If the check engine light is flashing it means a misfire has been detected in one of the cylinder. Do not operate the vehicle for more than a few minutes if the check engine light is flashing or you will damage the engine and catalytic converter. The engine may overheat too and blow a head gasket. 

There are hundres of possible 

Read fault codes with an OBD-II scanner as possible. 

Lexus airbag light_0.png  Airbag Light | SRS warning light 

When the airbag warning light comes on it indicates a problem with the Supplement Restraint System such as faulty passenger weight sensor. The airbag may not deploy if you get in an accident. 

It can be triggered by low voltage, dead battery,  faulty passenger sensor, bad clock spring, damaged wires. 

To diagnose Lexus airbag light, you will need a diangositc scanner for airbag system. Generic OBD-II scanners can not read airbag codes and will not show any fault codes. 

Brake light Brake lightBrake Warning 

If the brake light comes on when driving it means:

  • The brake pads are worn out, need replacement

  • There is a problem with the brake system 

  • The brake fluid level is low. 

  • The parking brakes are not fully released 

Stop the vehicle as soon as it is safe to do so and check the brake fluid level. It can be dangerous and unsafe to drive the vehicle with the brake light on. 

yellow brake light Brake Light - Yellow 

The yellow brake warning light means:

  • There is a problem with the electronic brake system. Also known as the Safety System. 

  • There is an issue with the parking brakes.

Pop Up Hood warning light  Pop Up Hood warning light 

When the Pop Up Hood warning light comes on, it shows that the Pop Up Hood system has operated. It usually is activated from an accident or can also happen during hard braking. 

  • Once the pop-up hood system is operated, it cannot be reused.
  • The light also indicates the malfunctioning of the Pop Up Hood system.

ABS warning light     ABS warning light 

The ABS warning light indicates the malfunctioning of the ABS and brake assist system. It is usally caused by a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor or a bad clcok spring.

Traction control will be disabled as well. 

Use an ABS Scanner to read fault codes and find out why your Lexus ABS light is on. 

 Brake Override  Brake Override System | Drive-Start Control 

When there is a buzzer sound, it means:

• Malfunctioning of Brake Override system

• Operation of Drive-Start control

• Malfunctioning of Drive-Start control

• Parking support Brake function is operating (for static objects)

When there is no buzzer sound, it means

• A brake override system is in operation

• Release the accelerator and depress the brake

Electric power steering system   Electric power steering system

 The steering wheel + exclamation light may be yellow or red. It means that there is a malfunctioning of the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system. 

The vehicle may be hard to steer. 

 Electric power steering system  Low fuel level warning light 

The warning light indicates that the amount of fuel remaining in the vehicle is approximately 3 gallons or less. 

 Driver’s and front passenger’s seat belt  Driver’s and passenger’s + seat belt 

The reminder light warns the driver or/and the front seat passenger to fasten the seat belts In case the front passenger seat is occupied, the seat belt needs to be fastened 

    Rear passengers’ seat belt reminder lights   Rear passengers’ seat belt reminder lights 

The reminder light warns that the rear passengers have not fastened their seat belts

 Tire pressure Tire pressure warning light | TPMS

This is the Tire Pressure Monitoring System  (TPMS) light. 

When the light turns on it is an indication that you have a:

  • Flat tire
  • Low tire pressure

Stop imediatly and check to make sure you don't have a flat tire. 

If the tire pressure is low, stop at the lowest gas station to add air. Alternativly, you can get a 12-volt tire inflator and keep in your car. 

When the indicator light turns on after blinking for around 1 minute, it means that there is a malfunctioning in the tire pressure warning system.

Lane tracing Assist (LTA)  Lane tracing Assist (LTA)

The indicator shows that the Lane tracing Assist (LTA) is malfunctioning. 

Intuitive parking assist OFF indicator    Intuitive parking assist OFF indicator 

The indicator light coming on means that intuitive parking assist function is malfunctioning. It indicates that the system is unavailable temporarily, this might be due to the sensor being covered with dirt or ice, etc.

 RCTA OFF indicator   Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA)

If the light comes on, it indicates that the Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) is malfunctioning or has been turned off. 

Rear Camera Detection (RCD)   Rear Camera Detection (RCD) 

When you hear a buzzer sound

• This means that the Rear Camera Detection (RCD) is malfunctioning 

When you don’t hear the buzzer sound

• This means that the RCD function can’t be used temporarily. This may be due to a dirty camera etc.

   PCS warning light   PKSB OFF indicator 

When you hear buzzer sound:

• It means that the Parking Support Brake (PKSB) system is malfunctioning

When you don’t hear the buzzer

• This indicates that the system is not available temporarily. It can be due to a dirty sensor

PCS warning light 

In the case of the buzzer sounds:

• It means that there is a malfunctioning of the Pre-collision System (PCS)

When buzzer doesn’t sound:

• This means that the system is temporarily not working and requires corrective actions

If the Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) system or PCS is disabled, the PCS warning light will get illuminated

Parking Brake Indicator_0.png    Parking Brake Flashes

The illuminated indicator means that the parking brake system is malfunctioning

brake hold   Brake hold operated indicator

If this indicator is on, it means that the Brake hold system is malfunctioning. 

turn signal Turn Signal Light 

This will flash when you use the turn signal lever/switch:

  • Pull down the lever the left arrow flashes 

  • Push it up the right arrow flashes

Once you make your turn it will click back on the middle and the light will turn off. If the indicator flashes fast as usual probably one of your bulbs is not working, if this occurs stop as soon as possible and inspect then replace the bulb that is not working

Headlight Indicator_0.pngHeadlight Indicator 

This will light up once the headlight switch is turned on, Headlight can be operated manually or automatically depending on user discretion

Tail light Indicator_0.png Taillight Indicator 

This will light up when the tail light is on, together with daytime running light, side marker lights parking light, and license plate light.

headlight High beam indicator_0.png Headlight High beam indicator

It  indicates that the headlights is in high beam mode, all lights mention above is on except for daytime running light

Auto High Beam(AHB) Indicator_0.png Auto High Beam(AHB) Indicator 

Accompanied by the camera sensor located at the windshield, this function is to assess the brightness of the lights of the vehicle ahead, it automatically turns the high beam on and off as needed.

Pre-Collision System (PCS)_0.png Pre-Collision System (PCS) Warning Light

Pre Collision System is a feature designed to avoid severe damage on your vehicle, the system is automatically enabled whenever the ignition is on, if disable a message will appear on the multi-information display and the indicator lights will turn off.

Cruise Control Indicator_0.pngCruise Control Indicator 

Cruise Control is a system that automatically controls the speed of your vehicle. Once this light indicator is on it will maintain your current speed even without stepping on the accelerator pedal it will turn off once you hit the brakes.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Indicator_0.png Dynamic Radar Cruise Control Indicator

The same function as a Cruise Control, but this time it's from a vehicle to vehicle control, it automatically accelerates, decelerates and stops to match the speed changes of the vehicle in front of you.

Cruise Control “SET” indicator_0.png Cruise Control “SET” indicator 

This will appear when you set the cruise control on the speed you wanted when you press the button while running the speed will remain at that speed.

Blind Side Monitor_0.png BSM outside rearview mirror (Blind Side Monitor) 

This indicator flashes when a fast-approaching vehicle is going to your blind side.

This indicates the feature uses the radar sensors of the vehicle bumper that helps the driver to move from left to right when driving, there are some parts of the vehicle you won't see when driving but this feature notifies the driver if there's a vehicle on its blind spot.

Intuitive parking assist OFF indicator Intuitive parking assist OFF indicator 

This will appear when the intuitive parking assist is turned off, it will disable the parking sensor when you park.

Vehicle Stability Control VSC OFF Indicator_0.pngVehicle Stability Control VSC OFF Indicator 

VSC is the driving support of the vehicle, it helps stabilize/Control the vehicle when driving so this will show if the system is off

High Mode indicator_0.pngHigh Mode indicator 

When High mode indicator is on the height of the vehicle will increase from its normal stance

Push Button Start Indicator Push Button Start Indicator 

This will appear at the panel when you are about to start the car when you press the brake pedal this will appear and the engine can be started.

Parking Brake Indicator Parking Brake Indicator 

This will appear when the shift lever is set to Park, which means the Parking Brake is in function.

Brake Hold Standby Indicator_0.pngBrake Hold Standby Indicator 

This keeps the brake applied when the shift is on D, M or N for smooth Start roll

Eco Driving Indicator Light_0.png Eco Driving Indicator Light 

This indicates that your driving speed is in Economy Fuel Saving Mode

Low Outside temperature indicator_0.png Low Outside temperature indicator 

This Display the Outside temperature of the Surroundings, Range of -40°F (-40°C) to 122°F (50°C)


Security Indicator_0.png Security Indicator 

Security or immobilizer system, this light will flash when the engine is turned off means that the security of the vehicle is on

Air Bag On off_0.png Air Bag On/Off (40)

Indicator of Air Bag if it's armed or not.

awd  AWD | 4x4

When this light stays on all four wheels are active. Also known as the all weel drive. 

If light flashes there is a problem and the AWD can not be activated. 

afs lightAdaptive Front Lighting AFS  Light

AFS stands for Adaptive Front Lighting System also known as  Automatic Headlight Adjusting. It adjust the headlights based on the input from the steering wheel. For example as you make a turn the headlight projector turn to lighten up the corner where you are turning. 

AFS OFF means there is a problem with the adpative headlight adjustement system. 

This is the end of Lexus warning lights, symbols and what they mean. In the next section you will can see warning lights on various Leuxs instrument clusters. 

Lexus Warning Lights by Model

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