If your Acura car battery has died or the key fob is not working, you will not be able to open the door or get inside to start the car.

The problem is most likely due to your Acura key fob which may have a dead battery and cannot send a signal to your car. Another possibility is that you have a dead car battery.


Follow these steps to manually get inside and start your Acura (if the key doesn't work or battery is dead).

  1. Remove metal key blade from the key fob. Press on the black release tab, hold the release down and slide out the metal key.open acura door locked
  2. Insert the metal blade into the keyhole of the driver's door. manually unlock acura door to get inside
  3. Turn the key to unlock the driver's door. Once the door is unlocked, remove the key and open the driver's door. Watch the following video on how to perform these steps.how to open acura door unock if car battery is dead
  4. If your Acura doesn't start, the car battery may be dead. Manually turn on the lights. If your lights don't work your Acura will need a jump start. If you are stranded away from home get roadside assistance to help you. If you are at home use a portable jump starter to jump-start your Acura.
  5. start acura dash lights on
  6. Connect the red clamp on the red (positive or +) terminal and the black clamp on the black (negative or -) clamp of your battery.  Red on red (+).  Black on black (-) jump start acura dead
  7. After you connect the jumper cables, your Acura will turn on but it may not start when you press the START/STOP button. Take the key and physically press the START/STOP button with the keyfob. This will allow you to start the car.jump start dead acura

If the car doesn't start right away, allow the battery to charge for a few minutes then try again.

Also, check the clamps on the battery terminal. If they aren't making good contact, the Acura will make a clicking noise when you try to start the engine.

Regardless of the problem you are facing, these instructions will help owners of Acura TL, CL, RL, TSX, RDS, ILX, TLX, RLX, MDX, ZDX learn how to get into the car in case of an emergency.