How to Order New VW Key

Vehicle:   Volkswagen
Difficulty: ⚫⚪⚪⚪⚪
DIY Cost: $150-$300
Est. Time: 2-5 days

            In this guide, you will become familiar with the process of ordering a replacement key for Volkswagen vehicles including Jetta, Golf, Passat, Routan, Tiguan, Bettle, etc.

To order a new Volkswagen key, you will need a few documents and to visit a dealer near you. Go straight to the parts department and provide your VIN number, title or registration, and pay for the new key. Your VW dealer will order a replacement key from Volkswagen, which takes 2 to 5 days to be delivered to the dealership.

Once the key has arrived, you will have to drive (or tow your vehicle) to the VW dealership so the dealer can program the new key. VW keys need to be cut and programmed to the vehicle. The key itself will cost between $50 to $150, and there is a key programming fee that can range from $90-$145.


How to order a new VW key: 

  1. Gather all the documents needed. Photo ID and vehicle registration or title. 
  2.  Head over to your local Volkswagen Dealership or to a Third-Party Locksmith.
  3.  If at a dealership, ask to speak to the parts department and tell them the VIN number of your vehicle so it can be identified, and the correct part number can be found.
  4.  Prove ownership of the vehicle to the dealership by providing your vehicle registration, title, and photo ID.
  5.  Order the new Volkswagen key for your specific vehicle, as directed by a Volkswagen specialist. (We found that the average cost for a new Volkswagen key fob or a metal key was between $50-$150 and the average programming cost was $80-$145, but all costs may vary from dealership to dealership)
  6. Wait 2-5 business days on average for the Volkswagen key to be manufactured and delivered to your local dealership. (Sometimes, the manufacturing and delivery of the key can be delayed, so please be patient. Your VW will call you once the key is at the dealership. )
  7. Once your key is ready and has been delivered to your local dealership, bring your vehicle once again back. If you have lost your keys, you will have to tow the vehicle to the dealer.  Your VW replacement key will need to be programmed by either the dealership or a third-party locksmith. 
  8. After the programming is complete and everything is paid for, your vehicle should turn over, start, and drive again.

What you need to order a new VW key

  • Vehicle Title or Vehicle Registration
  • Photo ID ( Driver's License or Passport, it must be the vehicle owner listed in title or registration)
  • VIN Number ( You can find it in the left lower corner of the windshield, registration, or insurance card.)
  • Payment 
  • Vehicle ( You don't need it to place the order. Once the key comes in 2-5 days, then you will have to take or tow the car to the dealer to get the key programmed.)

Do I need to have the car at the dealer when I order a VW replacement key? 

You don't need the vehicle at the dealership when you first order a VW replacement key. You will need to take the car to the dealer once the new key arrives and as it needs to be programmed to the vehicle. If you have lost all keys, you will have to tow your car to the dealer to program the new VW replacement key. 

I lost my VW key

If you lost all VW keys that's fine. You can order a replacement VW key even if you have lost or have no working key. VW can cut a new key based on the VIN number.

While you don't need the car at the dealer when you order a new key, you will need to tow the car to the dealer when the new key arrives as it needs to be programmed to start the car

How much does a new VW key cost?

VW key replacement costs vary between dealerships.

Based on a few quotes we received we found that a new VW key costs between $90 to $150. In addition, you will have to pay for programming the new key which can range between $80 and $145.

Programming fees vary between VW dealerships, and so does key cost. If you have more than one dealer in your area, get quotes for a new key and programming from several dealers to find out which one is the cheapest option. 

Can a locksmith make a VW key? 

Yes. A locksmith that has the right equipment for Volkswagen vehicles will be able to cut and program a new key. 

Is it true VW has stopped making keys for old models? 

Volkswagen has stopped making keyfobs for older Jetta, Passat, Golf models. For example, on a 2001 Jetta, a VW dealer will cut a new metal key to start the car but not a new keyfob.


  • We recommend having at least two keys at all times in case one key stops working. 
  • Prices for Keys and Programming may vary from dealership to dealership.  
  • On some older Volkswagen vehicles, the key fobs or keys may no longer be manufactured, meaning that a third-party locksmith would then need to be used.
  • The vehicle is only required to be at the dealership when the delivery is complete, and the key has come in, not when you place the order.
By YOUCANIC Automotive Experts
Jun 2020