On Mercedes-Benz models such as E, C, S, GL, ML class air pressure in the front tires should be between 36 and 39 PSI. Air pressure on the rear tires should be between 36 and 45 PSI.

mercedes tire pressure front rear

If the TPMS light on your Mercedes-Benz dashboard stays on, it means that at least one of your tires has low air pressure.

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Use a tire pressure gauge and make sure that the pressure is at least 36 PSI. Check air pressure on all four tires plus the spare.


What is the recommended Mercedes-Benz tire pressure?


mercedes required tire pressure
Required tire pressure Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles require 36 PSI on the front tires and between 36 PSI and 45 PSI for the rear tires. This applies to all models be that an A, C, E, S, GLE, GLS, ML, GL, G class etc.


Recommended tire pressure Mercedes-Benz E Class
Recommended tire pressure Mercedes E-Class

How do you check Mercedes's tire pressure?


To check Mercedes tire air pressure you will need a tire pressure gauge.


how to check mecedes tire pressure

Remove the small cap from the valve stem. Place your tire pressure gauge on the valve steam.


mercedes tire gauage

On mechanical gauges, the shaft will come out and show the current tire pressure.


On electrical gauges, the current tire air pressure will show on the small screen.