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How to Remove Hyundai Driver's Airbag

Updated Tuesday May 29, 2018

DIY instructions on how to remove driver airbag from the steering wheel. This guide applies to Hyundai Elantra model years: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. Removing the airbag from Hyundai Elantra is very easy but requires a lot of patience. There are three locking pins that you will need to press to release the airbag but since you can't really see them you will need to try for several minutes. Eventually, you will be able to release the airbag from the steering wheel. Watch the video to learn how to replace the airbag yourself. 

Airbag Removal Instructions Hyundai Elantra 2011-2016

Step 1

Disconnect negative battery terminal. This is a must or you will trigger the airbag light on your dashboard. 

Step 2

To remove the airbag from the steering wheel on Hyundai Elantra 2011-2016 you will need to press three locking pins that hold the airbag in place. Use a Phillips screwdriver. A Torx screwdriver will work even better. 

Step 3

Pull out the locking clips from the airbag connector. Then disconnect both wires from the airbag. You also need to disconnect the horn wire. 


Replacing the airbag is easy but requires patience. To avoid any problems always disconnect the negative battery terminal before you start working on airbag components. All you need to complete this job is a couple of screwdrivers.

At the Hyundai dealer expect to pay between $800 -$2000 to replace the driver's airbag. That will include airbag itself and the labour.

In theory, you can install a used air bag on your Hyundai. Hyundai doesn't require any programming of coding of the airbag components like some luxury auto manufacturers do. The only convern with a used airbag is that you don't know how it is going to perform in case of an accident.

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