How to replace tail light on Mazda 5 2010-18

How to replace tail light on Mazda 5 2010-18

Last Updated on Monday Sep 11, 2017

Learn how to replace the tail light assembly on Mazda 5. This guide applies to Mazda 5 manufactured from 2010 to 2017. To change the tail light on a Mazda 5 you need basic DIY skills. The procedure to change the tail light is very simple and requires a few very basic tools. Instruction on replacing the tail light on Mazda 5 are the same for both driver (left) and passenger (right) side.

What you will need



Step 1

Park your Mazda. Set the parking brakes.


Step 2

Keep the car unlocked. Open the trunk. 

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Step 3

Remove tail light. There are two screws that hold the tail light in place.


Step 4

Install the new tail light in reverse order. 

Mazda tail light replacement diy guide