How to change Tesla ABS wheel speed sensor. 

In this guide, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to replace the ABS wheel speed sensor on a Tesla.

Replacing the ABS wheel speed sensor on a Tesla is very easy and takes less than one hour. 


A bad ABS wheel speed sensor on a Tesla will lead to a number of systems to get disabled. On the touchscreen, you may get the following warning messages:

  • ABS warning light / ABS disabled message / ABS inactive
  • Traction light / traction control disabled message
  • Stability control light / Stability disabled message
  • AEB Disabled error message
  • Regenerative Braking disabled,
  • Emergency Braking disabled
  • Regenerative Brake System Indicators (RBS) disabled
  • Message to contact service advisor.

If you get any of these warnings, try rebooting the system first. If any of these warning lights come on, perform a diagnostic of the ABS. In some cases, most of these warning messages are due to a faulty ABS wheel speed sensor. 

What you will need


How to change the ABS wheel speed sensor on a Tesla. 

  1. Park your Tesla on a level ground parked tesla


  2. Loosen the lug nuts at the wheel where you will change the ABS sensor. break loose tesla lug nuts


  3. Jack up the vehicle.jack up tesla We recommend using jack pad adapters to avoid damage to the battery. Tesla jack adapter


  4. Secure the vehicle with jack stands. 
  5. Remove the wheel from the vehicle. jack up tesla


  6. Locate the ABS wheel speed sensor. The ABS wheel speed sensor is mounted on the knuckle behind the rotor. Tesla abs wheel speed sensor location


  7. Remove the 10mm bolt and pull out the sensor from the wheel hub. tesla abs wheel speed sensor location bolt


  8. Remove the ABS wheel speed sensor from the connector by the car frame. Tesla remove abs wire
  9. Unhook the ABS wheel speed sensor wire from the car. tesla abs wheel speed sensor


  10. Install the new ABS wheel speed sensor in reverse order. 

It is important to diagnose the vehicle before replacing any part. The ABS wheel speed sensor is not the only component that can fail or cause the warning and symptoms we describe here.

Other possible issues include: 

  • eFuse for iBooster
  • ABS Modulator Assembly / ABS Pump

The pictures that you see in this guide are based on a 2018 Tesla Model 3, but the procedure is the same for Models S and Model Y. Ensure the ABS wheel speed sensor is for your particular Tesla model. 

While it is possible to drive a Tesla with a failed ABS wheel speed sensor, keep in mind that several safety systems will be disabled. 

Do not drive the vehicle if the brakes do not function properly. 

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