Hyundai Stuck in Park - How to Manual Release Shifter

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Hyundai shifter may get stuck in Park and refuse to come out of Park or move to Drive due to a faulty brake light switch, electrical issue, broken shifter cable, or faulty shifter.

Follow the instructions below to learn how to get your Hyundai out of the park. 

How to manually release Hyundai shifter

  1. Set the parking brakes. Risk of vehicle rolling when the shifter is moved out of Park. HYUDNAI STUCK IN PARK
  2. Locate shift lock override and remove the cap.
  3. Insert a flat screwdriver into the access hole and press down. HYUNDAI ELANTRA SONATA SEDONA AZERA ACCENT STUCK IN PARK
  4. Move the shifter out of the park.

These instructions apply to Hyundai Elantra, Sonata, Entourage, Accent, Veloster, Excel, i30, Azera, Sedona, etc.

If your Hyundai is stuck in Park (P), it can be due to several factors.

Here is a list of the most common issues that can cause Hyundai cars to be stuck in the park.

  • Dead car battery
  • Defective brake light switch
  • Bad ignition switch
  • The defective cable between the ignition switch and shifter
  • Defective key interlock system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose the shift lever of a Hyundai Sonata, Elantra, Sonata, Azera, Santa Fe, Elantra, or Entourage won't shift into or out of Park check to ensure that the brake light switch is working properly. This is one of the most common problems that will make a Hyundai vehicle get stuck in Park.

This can be due to a defective ignition interlock mechanism or cable.

Since the brake light switches are so inexpensive it may be a good idea to replace them with a new one if you have problems with your Hyundai getting stuck in Park. You can also test the operation of the brake light switch using a multimer or a diagnostic scanner. Instructions can be found here


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