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Kia Key Fob Battery Replacement

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the battery in any Kia key fob remote. 

Scroll down to find the video that applies to your Kia. 

DIY COST $5-$10


How to change the battery on Kia smart key fob? 

Battery Size: CR2032 Battery


  1. Press on the release tab. Kia Sorento Key Fob Battery Replacement
  2. Pull out the metal key. Kia Rio Key Fob Battery Replacement
  3. Use a flat screwdriver to pry open the case. kia key battery size
  4. Separate the Kia key case. open kia key to change battery
  5. Remove the old battery. location of key battery
  6. Install new Kia key fob battery. how to change kia battery
  7. Press the key shell to close. kia smart key battery replacemenet
  8. Insert the metal key blade. diy kia key battery change

How to change the battery on the Kia flip key? 

Battery Size: CR2032 Battery Type

  1. Pry open the back cover of the Kia remote.
  2. Use a small object for popping out the battery from your Kia remote. Pay close attention to the orientation of the battery. Note the + symbol on the battery.
  3. Install a new battery. Make sure the positive (+) is facing you.
  4. Push the back cover back into the remote until you hear it snap in place.

How to change the key fob battery on a Kia? 

Battery type: CR2032 

  1. Pry open the key fob using a flathead screwdriver.  This will expose the battery. 
  2. Remove the battery from the circuit board. 
  3. Press the new battery in and close the key by pressing the two halves together. 
  4. Test the battery. 

Can I change a Kia key battery myself? 

Yes. Replacing the battery in the Kia key fob is very easy and takes only five minutes. Make sure you have the correct battery size. Test the keyfob to make sure it works to lock and unlock your Kia. If your Kia key remote doesn't work after replacing the battery, make sure that the battery is not installed upside down.

Do I have to reprogram my Kia key fob when I change the battery? 

No. Your keyfob will even after you replace the fob battery. 

What Kia models do these instructions apply to? 

These instructions will help you replace the key fob battery on a Kia Optima, Forte, Rio, Sedona, Soul, Sorento, etc.