Mazda 5 Fuse Box | Location | Designation

Mazda 5 Fuse Box | Location | Designation

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In Mazda 5 vans, there are two fuse boxes. One fuse box is located in the engine bay. The second is located inside the cabin, at the end of the dashboard.


 Engine Compartment Fuses

mazda 5 engine fuses

Engine Fuses Diagram

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 fuses on mazda 5mazda5 fuses 2010 2015

Engine Block Fuse List

Here is the list of fuses found in the engine fuse box. Note the fuse ampere rating stamped on the back of each fuse. Note that the fuses may slightly between the years. Below are the fuses for the model year 2015.0

Fuse List

Code Ampere rating System
IG KEY1 50 For the protection of various circuits
AD FAN 30 Cooling fan
GLOW2 HEATER2 30 Air conditioner
EGI MAIN 40 Engine control system
TCM 20 Transaxle control system
HEATER1 40 Air conditioner
30 Air conditioner  
BTN 60 For the protection of various circuits
IG KEY2 40 For the protection of various circuits
FAN1 30 Cooling fan
EHPAS 80 Power assist steering
FOG 15 Fog lights*
D.LOCK 20 Power door lock
P.WIND 20 Power window
HEAD HI 20 Headlight high beam
ENG+B 10 Engine control system
STOP 10 Brake lights
HAZARD 10 Hazard warning flasher, Turn signal lights
ROOM 15 Overhead lights
TAIL 15 Taillights, Parking lights, License plate lights
A/C MAG 10 Air conditioner
ABS V 20 ABS, Dynamic stability control system
SUNROOF 20 Moonroof*
HORN 15 Horn
ILLUMI 7,5 Instrument panel illumination
ENG INJ 25 Engine control system
ENG BAR 15 Engine control system
M.DEF 7,5 Mirror defroster*
DEFOG 25 Rear window defroster
HEAD LOW BEAM L 15 Headlight low beam (LH)
HEAD LOW BEAM R 15 Headlight low beam (RH)

Interior Fuses

Interior fuse location. Note that in the 2015 model, the fuse is on the passenger side. In other years you will typically find the interior fuse box on the driver's side.

mazda 5 interior fuse location

Interior Fuse Chart

mazda 5 interior fuse chart


mazda 5 interior fuse chart


Code Ampere System
P/W 30 Power window
M.DEF 7.5  
STARTER 10 Starter
ENG3 20 Engine control system
P/W 40 Power Window
P.OUTLET 15 Accessory sockets (Cargo compartment)
SHIFT/L 5 Transaxle control system
CIGAR 15 Accessory sockets (Dashboard)
MIRROR 7,5 Power control mirror
A/C 10 Air conditioner
F.WIP 25 Windshield wipers and washer
R.WIP 15 Rear window wiper
ENG 5A Engine
METER 10 Instrument cluster
SAS 10 Airbag
S.WARM 15 Seat warmer
ABS/DSC 5 Anti Lock Brake System
EHPAS 5 Power assist steering
ENG2 15 Engine control system

This guide provides pictures of Mazda5 fuses, a chart, and a list of fuses. This applies to the Mazda 5 model years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. 

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