Mercedes-Benz Airbag Module Replacement

DIY Cost: $0-$50
Est. Time: 30 min
Difficulty: Easy
This guide provides instructions on how to replace the airbag module on a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. The airbag module may also be called the Supplemental Restraint System or SRS module. 

The pictures in this guide are from a Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211. These instructions should help you replace the airbag module on other models, and they show the typical location of the Mercedes airbag module. 

Before you start

  • Disconnect the battery and wait five minutes before working on airbag components. 
  • Ensure the vehicle is secured and will not roll away if placed in Neutral. 

What you will need


  1. Park the vehicle and engage the parking brakes. Parked Mercedes Benz E Class


  2. With the key in the ignition but the engine off, move the shifter to Neutral. Once the shifter is out of Park, turn off the ignition and disconnect the main battery. Move the shifter to Drive


  3. Open the ashtray. 
  4. Pop up the trim around the shifter. Mercedes Shifter Trim Removal

    Turn the trim to the side to make room at the front of the shifter. 

    Mercedes shifter rim removed to access locate airbag srs module
  5. Pry out the ashtray. It simply lifts up; there are no screws. Move the ashtray to the side or unplug the cigarette lighter to remove it. Mercedes Ashtray Removed


  6. Locate the airbag module. Mercedes-Benz Airbag SRS Module Location Center Console


  7. Remove all three T-30 Torx bolts. Mercedes Airbag SRS Module Bolts

    The front bolt is tricky to access. Use a joint socket to access it or a short Torx bit and ratchet

  8. Disconnect the electrical connector.Mercedes SRS Module ConnectorPress the back of the green piece to release it, then slide the green piece toward the driver's side.Mercedes SRS Electrical ConnectorThe electrical connector will be unplugged. Mercedes SRS Module
  9. Remove the SRS module from the vehicle. Mercedes Bosch Airbag SRS Module


  10. Install the new airbag module in reverse order. 

If your Mercedes-Benz was involved in an accident, you wouldn't be able to clear the fault codes even if you have Star diagnostics or a professional airbag scanner.

First, you need to replace all the deployed airbags, damaged sensors, and seat belts. Next, you will have to install a new airbag module or have a professional reset your airbag module on eBay. You can remove your airbag module, ship it to a professional to clear the hard codes, and reinstall. No coding is needed. 

Why can't I reset the Mercedes-Benz airbag light

Can't reset Mercedes airbag light

If your Mercedes-Benz was involved in an accident, two things need to happen for you to reset the SRS system and have a working airbag system. 

  1. First, you need to replace all deployed airbags. Replace any damaged SRS crash sensors. When you read the codes with an SRS scanner, you will get fault codes for each damaged component. You may need to replace the seat belts, as well. 
  2. Second, you need to either precise crash data from the airbag module or replace the airbag module. If you replace all the deployed airbags and damaged SRS components, the codes in the airbag module change from CURRENT to STORED, but you can't clear them because they are from a crash event. You can't install a used airbag module from another car even if it has the same part number. You need a new SRS module that can be programmed for your car. A less expensive solution is to remove your old SRS module and ship it to professionals who can clear the crash data. 

Where is the Mercedes airbag module located? 

Mercedes SRS Airbag Module Location

On most Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the airbag module is located in the center console. The most common location is right under the ashtray. 


  • Handle the SRS module with care. 
  • Keep the battery disconnected while you work on the airbag module. 
  • You can not use a basic OBD-II scanner to reset the airbag codes. 

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Mercedes-Benz Airbag Module Replacement The pictures in this guide are from a Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211. These instructions should help you replace the airbag module on other models, and they show the typical location of the Mercedes airbag module.