Mercedes-Benz Brake Pad Wear Sensor Replacement

Mercedes-Benz Brake Pad Wear Sensor Replacement

DIY Cost: $10-$25
Est. Time: 30 min
Difficulty: Easy

This article provides instructions on how to replace the brake wear sensor on Mercedes-Benz cars and SUV models such as C, E, S, CLK, CLS, ML, GL, GLE, GLS, GLA.

This guide is meant to help Mercedes-Benz owners who have changed the brake pads but need help replacing the brake pad wear sensor.


What you will need


  1. Jack up the vehicle. Support it with jack stands. Install new brake pads. installed new mercedes brake pads
  2. Install the new brake pad wear sensor.mercedes brake pad wear sensor Insert the new sensor in the small hole on the brake pad. mercedes brake pad wear sensor
  3. Connect the new brake pad wear sensor. connect new mercedes brake wear sensor
  4. Restart the car and ensure the brake pad wear sensor warning is turned off. If not, inspect that the new Mercedes brake pad wear sensor is installed correctly. replace mercedes brake pad wear sensor


If you are getting a brake wear warning on the dashboard, you must replace the brake pads and rotors if they are worn.

The brake pad wear sensor should only be replaced if the brake pads are replaced.

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