Mercedes-Benz Hood Open Warning

In this guide, we show how to troubleshoot a Mercedes-Benz that displays hood open warning even when the hood is closed. ​​​​​​

DIY Cost: $5-$30
Est. Time: 15 min - 1 hr
Difficulty: Easy



  • Hood open warning on the instrument cluster
  • Hood closed, but I get a warning message
  • Hood open warning, but the hood is closed

Possible Causes

Hood is not fully closed

Mercedes hood open when it is closed

The hood may have not latched properly. Pullover as soon as you can and check if the hood is closed on both sides. 

Look at the hood on both sides. Quite often the hood latches on one side but not the other. Most Mercedes-Benz have two latches. One above each headlight. In many cases, one side latches while the other has not. 

If your Mercedes-Benz is not properly closed, open the hood and close it again. If needed, press down with the palm of your hand on the hood on the side that it is not latching properly. 

Damaged hood latch 

Mercedes hood latch not latching

Modern vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz cars, are equipped with additional safety features to alert the driver regarding the status of the hood. The hood should be fully closed when driving to prevent the hood from opening when the vehicle is running at considerable speed.

Sometimes, the lamp will illuminate or show a warning even though the hood is shut when this happens; you should remove the hood latches. 

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have two micro-switches typically right above each headlight. These switches detect if the hood is open or closed. The switch may wear out or the wire can disconnect.  

If the latch and microswitch bracket checked out fine, then it is more likely that the microswitch has a loose internal contact; you can verify it using a digital multi-meter.

If your car is equipped with dual sensors (microswitch), do the instructions above for both sides. If one of these sensors is bad, you will have a hood open warning light, so both sensors show work.

Does hood open warning make Mercedes-Benz wipers stop working? 


In many Mercedes-Benz, the wipers are programmed to not operate when the hood is open.

When the hood open warning comes up the wipers will not work, even if the hood is closed because the vehicle itself does not recognize the hood is closed. 

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