Mercedes-Benz Oil Level Sensor Problems

Mercedes-Benz Oil Level Sensor Problems

It is not uncommon for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to display engine oil level low warning even if the oil level is full. This warning usually comes on because of a faulty oil level sensor


Follow this guide to learn how to change the Mercedes-Benz oil level sensor.

Low oil level on a Mercedes-Benz may still come on after you:

  1. Change the engine oil. 
  2. Checked the engine oil level via dipstick, and the level is correct. 
  3. Check the engine oil level via the instrument cluster, and the level is normal. 


  • Oil light comes on randomly
  • Oil light comes on when you start the engine
  • Inaccurate oil reading on the instrument cluster
  • Check engine light comes on
  • Fault code stored in Engine Control Unit (ECU). 

Common Problems

The most common reason why a Mercedes-Benz shows a low engine oil level even if the oil level is full is that the oil level sensor is faulty. 

Faulty Oil Level Sensor

A faulty oil level sender unit can cause a false reading of the engine oil level and trigger a low oil warning on the instrument cluster. 

If the oil level sensor is the problem, the engine will run and drive fine.

We would recommend getting the vehicle repaired as soon as possible. 

Bad Oil Pump

A faulty oil pump can also trigger this warning. 

The oil level may be correct, but if the oil pump is not creating enough pressure and circulating enough oil, there is a chance the engine is not getting enough lubrication. Lack of oil pressure can cause premature engine wear. 

The easiest way to find out if the oil pump is bad is to connect an oil pressure gauge at the oil port at the front of the engine above the tensioner. Start the engine and monitor the oil pressure. 

Oil pumps failures are not a common issue on Mercedes-Benz engines, but they can happen. 

Oil Leak 

An oil leak can cause low oil warnings to come on frequently. Typically you will notice oil leaks on the ground if the vehicle is parked for a couple of days. 

In addition, you will notice an oil-burning smell when driving or when you are stopped at a light. 

Mercedes-Benz engines are known to leak from valve cover gaskets. Get your Mercedes-Benz repaired immediately. Do not ignore the oil level warning. Top off the engine oil level and drive the vehicle to the mechanic or fix it yourself. 

Can you drive a Mercedes-Benz with a bad oil pressure sensor? 

If the dipstick shows the oil level is correct, and the engine runs smooth and sounds quiet, then the warning message is probably due to a bad sensor. Typically you can drive with a bad oil pressure sensor. 

What to do if you get an engine oil level low warning? 

  1. Pullover immediately and park in a safe location.
  2. Turn off the engine and wait ten minutes. 
  3. Open the hood and locate the dipstick. 
  4. Pull the dipstick and wipe it clean. 
  5. Reinsert the dipstick and read the oil level. 

If your vehicle does not have an oil dipstick, read the engine oil level via the buttons on the steering wheel. 

If the oil level is low, add engine oil. 

If the oil level is correct, the problem can be a bad oil pressure sensor or a bad oil pump. There is no way of knowing which one is the problem without doing further testing. Call your mechanic and for their advice to determine if you should continue driving or not. 

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