Mitsubishi Outlander Tail Light Replacement

DIY Cost: $180-200
Est. Time: 15-30 min.
Difficulty: Very Easy

This guide provides instructions on how to remove and replace the tail light on a 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander. The taillight bulbs are LED and made into the tail light assembly.

If the brake light goes bad the whole assembly will need to be replaced as repairing the LED bulbs is very challenging.

Replacing the assembly is cost-effective and simple, it can be done at home quickly and easily with a few basic tools.

What you will need




  1. Firstly, open the trunk so that you can see the two screws on the side of the taillight assembly.
  2. Remove these two screws from the inside, and pull the taillight assembly off of the vehicle. A little bit of force may be necessary. The tail light is held in by retaining pins that snap out.
  3. Remove the turn signal bulb connector by pressing the plastic tab and pulling the connector out.
  4. To remove the electrical connector from the LED brake bulb, the plastic connector attached to the tail light will need to be twisted counterclockwise and pulled out of the tail light housing. This will expose the male connector that is inside the LED bulb. 
  5. Press the small plastic tab on the back of the connector and pull it out of the LED bulb. Set the tail light assembly aside. 
  6. Now the wiring for the taillight needs to be removed. Pull the wiring, and pry the rubber grommet that is inside the vehicle body out of its socket.
  7. Behind the rubber grommet, the wiring connects to a plug. Press the tab and pull the connectors apart.
  8. Take the new tail light and connect the tail light wiring to the vehicle's wiring. Make sure it securely plugs in and clicks in place.
  9. Push the wiring back through the vehicle and insert the rubber grommet into the hole of the body. Make sure this grommet is flush all the way around and sitting in its correct groove.
  10. There are pins and a socket on the back of the taillight that needs to be aligned to the hardware on the body. Make sure the pins go in the holes and the socket goes over the retaining clip and push the tail light into place.
  11. Insert the two screws and tighten them with the screwdriver. Make sure the brake light is now working. Repeat on the other side if necessary, you are all done!

I changed my brake light but they still aren't working, what's wrong?

There are many causes of brake lights going out other than the bulb going bad. Make sure that the light is the problem and not something else by doing some simple electrical checks. Start by doing a simple check of the brake light fuse with this guide. Verify that the brake switch is functioning properly if the fuses are fine. Check the wiring for power to the lights as part of a deeper diagnosis.  

Vehicle Applications

This applies to Mitsubishi Outlander model years: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and includes the Sport model.

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Mitsubishi Outlander Tail Light Replacement If the brake light goes bad the whole assembly will need to be replaced as repairing the LED bulbs is very challenging.