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Our mission is to demystify vehicle maintenance and empower car owners.

YOUCANIC is a worldwide leader in automotive repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting guides. To date, we have published over 1,000 free guides and reach over 10 million visitors per year. 


We tear down vehicles to take pictures, videos, and write step-by-step instructions that help you understand how to repair a vehicle yourself. Even if the job is too complicated, you can be more confident when you take your vehicle to an auto shop.  


Whether you are searching for solutions to challenging car problems, maintenance tips, or want to stay informed and up-to-date with new repair technology, YOUCANIC serves as the leading platform that delivers reliable repair information. 

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The pages on YOUCANIC are written, maintained, and frequently updated by the YOUCANIC team.  

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Our team of experts, certified mechanics, editors, and engineers write, edit, and publish most of the material you find on YOUCANIC. If you need author information for a page on www.youcanic.com for citation purposes, you can cite "YOUCANIC" as the author.

  • Rushit Hila PE
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  • Fisnik Gojani
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We accept success stories from our members. Posts published by members can be found under the Community section. These posts have the author's name and the date article was published.  

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