How can I pair my phone with my Mercedes-Benz? Learn how to connect your device to your Mercedes-Benz via Bluetooth. This is a step-by-step procedure for pairing the phone to Bluetooth on the Mercedes Benz GLK-Class.


  1. Switch on the car ignition by pressing the start button or turning your key in two clicks. Do not start the engine. The start button of the Mercedes Benz GLK-Class.
  2. Push the knob located on the dash center console to go to the menu button of the car stereo monitor. Upon pushing the knob, the “Navi” button will be highlighted once toggled.The toggle on the center console of the vehicle.
  3. Scroll on to the right until the “Phone” option is selected.
    Scroll to the right until "Phone" option is selected

  4. Once the car stereo is on the phone option, move the toggle down and go to the connect devices menu. Then press the toggle down to access the Bluetooth menu.
    Connect devices on the car stereo.

  5. The car stereo will show two ways to connect to your vehicle’s Bluetooth. The first is to connect via phone, and the second is to search for a phone from the vehicle.
    Connecting to the Bluetooth of the vehicle.

  6. Choose the Connect via phone menu by moving and pressing the toggle on the vehicle’s center console.
    Connecting to the Bluetooth of the vehicle.

  7. Open the Bluetooth on the phone and connect to the MB Bluetooth by tapping it.
    Connecting to the Bluetooth via phone.

  8. Press the pair button on your phone and select YES on the car stereo for authorization. Make sure the passkey on your phone and car stereo are the same.
    Connecting to the Bluetooth via phone.

  9. Once your phone is connected, the screen on your phone will show if you want to allow or deny access to messages. Your messages will pop out on the car stereo monitor once you allow access. You can now also call someone or browse contact numbers stored on your phone using the car stereo.

We hope you find the Bluetooth Pairing Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class guide helpful. Check these troubleshooting and repair guides for more help on your Mercedes-Benz.

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