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Peugeot Key Fob Battery Replacement

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to change the Peugeot key fob battery. 

Scroll below until you find the video for your key.

Peugeot Key Fob Battery Replacement


This video demonstrates how to replace the key fob battery on one of the most common Peugeot key fobs. This key fob is used on various Peugeot models, including Peugeot 308, 208 408 Partner. 

What you will need


peugeot key fob remote battery change
  1. Locate the opening at the end of the remote. Opposite to the flip key.
  2. Use a flat screwdriver, coin, or metal key to open the remote.
  3. Remove the circuit board from the bottom shell.
  4. Flip the circuit board over, and you will see the battery.
  5. Slide-out the old battery.
  6. Slide the new battery in. Make sure the positive side of the new button cell battery is on the correct side.


This Peugeot key has a transponder chip inside the key fob that is used to start the car. Be careful, DO NOT LOSE this chip, or your Peugeot will not start once you replace the battery. Newer Peugeot remotes have the chip integrated into the circuit board.

Learn how to change the battery on Peugeot's two-button key fob remote. This key fob is used on Peugeot models such as 107, 207, 307, 407, 106, 206, 306, and 406.

What you will need


  1. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the small screw.
  2. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry the shell apart.
  3. Remove the board from the remote.
  4. Slide the old battery out of the circuit board.
  5. Slide the new battery into the slot designated for the battery.
  6. Install the circuit board on the shell.
  7. Close the shell and tighten the screw you removed in step 1.

Key Programming Procedure

Your Peugeot remote should work without any issues once you change the button cell battery.

In case the remote does not work properly, follow this programming procedure.

  1. Turn the Ignition switch to the ON position using the first key.
  2. Press the LOCK button for 10 seconds.
  3. Remove the key and wait for 10 seconds.
  4. Check the Plip key operation.
  5. Repeat for the second Plip key if required.
  6. Turn the ignition OFF.

If your Peugeot key fob has stopped operating correctly (such as not locking/unlocking your car doors), it is an indication that the keyfob battery needs to be replaced. In this guide, you will find instructions and videos on how to change the key fob battery on Peugeot remotes.


Peugeot will not start after the key fob battery change.

  • In a few cases, your Peugeot may not start once you replace the key fob battery. This is often caused due to the loss or misplacement of the immobilizer chip. This is a small black chip in your key, and it should remain on the keyfob. If the key is recognized on most Peugeot models, you should hear a beeping noise when you open the door, and the key is in the ignition.

Peugeot doors will not lock/unlock after key fob battery replacement.

  • Open the remote and verify that the battery is installed the correct way. On the circuit board of the remote or the back shell, you will see a + plus sign. It needs to match with the button cell battery positive side.


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