In this tutorial, I will show you the steps that I took to change motor mounts on an E60. This job took me about five hours.

My BMW is a 2006 5-Series E60 which has hydraulic oil filled mounts. This tutorial will also help owners of other BMW models such as BMW 1-series, 3-Series, 7-series, and X5 or X3.

Motor mounts are designed the same, and to change them, you will follow the same procedure in all BMW cars. Note that in this tutorial, we use engine mount and motor mount interchangeably.

bmw motor mount vibrationBefore we dive into the how-to, I would like to go over the common symptoms of bad motor mounts on BMW cars. Note that BMW cars have two motor mounts on the front.

One on the left and the other on the right. There are also one or two transmission mounts at the back of the transmission housing. In this tutorial, we are focusing only on the motor mounts.


  • Engine noise / vibrations
  • Vibrations inside the cabin
  • Steering wheel vibrations
  • Transmission hard hit when changing gears.
  • BMW vibrates when stopped or at a red light

How to change BMW motor mounts

The pictures in this tutorial are from a 2006 BMW 525i E60. This is one of the most complicated motor mount replacement jobs on a BMW.

This is due to the tight space between the engine and frame. Most BMW models are easier than the E60 that we describe here.

Parts Needed

Tools Required


Jack up the vehicle.
diy engine mount replacement bmw You will need to get under the car to remove the engine mount latter. We need to make sure there is enough room for you. Always secure the vehicle with jack stands. Ramps work best in this situation and are safer than using a jack. Secure the car with jack stands even when using ramps. Remember to put the car in park and set the parking brakes.

Open the Hood 

bmw motor mount replacement

Locate Engine Mounts

Locate the top of the engine mount. You have two motor to change motor mount on bmw 3 5 4 1 x3 x5 series One is on the passenger side, and this one is easy to identify from the top. The other is on the driver's side (left) and requires that you remove the air filter housing to get to the bolts that hold it in bmw motor mount replacement

Remove Lower Engine Cover

Remove the splash shield from under the engine. You should be able to see the motor mount bolts and bracket at this to change bmw motor mount yourself

Next, remove the metal reinforcement plate. This is held in place with six 16mm bolts. The place can be lowered and pulled out. bmw motor mount replacement cost

Support Engine

Support the bottom of the engine with a jack. In our case, we placed the wood block right under the engine oil pan. You need to be extremely careful doing this. The safest method would be to support the engine at the corner. This is safer for the engine, but it is less safe for you as the jack may slide off when you try to get the motor mount out, as described in the latter step. Either way, be careful and use common sense.where are the motor mounts on a bmw

Use a piece of wood between the engine and the jack. You don't want to crack your oil pan. Once the jack touches the bottom of the engine, stop. We can't jack up the engine any further until we loosen the motor mount bolts.

Remove the bolts on the top of the motor mount. Remove the two bolts that you see on each side, then remove the middle e30 motor mount replacement

Remove Bracket

Locate the motor mount bracket. Remove the four bolts that mount the motor mount frame to the engine block. diy motor mount replacement bmw

There are four bolts that you need to engien mount replacement

One of them is hard to see; we have shown it in a picture below.change bmw motor mount at home

It is very important that you have supported the engine, or you risk causing injuries to yourself.

Raise Engine 

Once the bolts have been removed, you will be able to raise the engine about one to two inches. Don't raise the engine more than that, or you risk causing damage to wire harnesses and hoses. This will give you enough room to pull out the old motor e34 motor mount replacement Be careful not to jack up the engine too much. You will notice that after the engine raises an inch or two, it will not go up anymore. At this point, if you jack up the engine, you will be jacking up the whole car. Stop. You don't want to jack up the car by pushing on the engine.

Remove Engine Mount

Pull out the old engine mount. Be extremely careful and make sure the jack under the engine is e46 engine mount replacement diy If the engine jack comes off, your engine will drop, and you may get injured. Place the new motor mount in place and mount the bracket to the engine block.

Install New Mount

Ensure that all four motor mount bracket bolts are tightened. Slowly lower the engine down on the motor mount. Next, install the bolts on the motor mount. The motor mount holes and the bolt holes may not line up properly when you lower the engine. If that's the case, jack up the engine half an inch. Line up the bolt holes and then lower the x5 motor mount replacement cost

Note that there is also a ground wire that you need to make sure it is reconnected. bmw e60 motor mount replacement

Step 10

Torque the motor mount bolts and the bracket bolts. Don't over tighten the bolts as these mount on an aluminum block and can easily strip. Repeat the procedure for the other 540i motor mount replacement

Reinstall the metal support plate.

diy bmw motor mount replacementReinstall the splash shield. You may want to use Loctite on the bolts if you are reusing them. 

Plan on four to six hours if you are changing BMW motor mounts yourself. Especially if you are changing BMW motor mounts for the first time. Plan on almost double the time if you are changing the mounts on an E60. ;)

Make sure to replace the engine mount bolts with new ones. 

Since I had a lot more pictures, I am posting them below to help you get an idea of what to expect when changing motor mounts on BMW cars.

If you have any questions, please add them to the comments section below. I would also love to hear tips and advice from you that can help future BMW owners who are looking to tackle this job themselves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to change the motor mounts on a BMW?

So I did a lot of research on the cost to change motor mounts on my BMW. To replace the two engine mounts on my BMW, I got quotes varying between $450-$650 for both. That included labor and parts to replace two mounts. In certain areas of the country, BMW dealers may charge close to $1000. The reason is that replacing BMW motor mounts on models such as our E60 5-Series is more labor intensive than, let's say, an E39.


Where to buy BMW motor mounts

If you plan on changing the motor mounts yourself, you can save money when you buy the mounts as well. For example, two oil filled hydraulic engine mounts can be purchased online for less than $150. For BMW E85, E86, E36, and E46, two mounts cost less than $50. Check out these BMW motor mounts on eBay.  

bmw e46 engine mount replacement cost

What are the torque specs for the engine mounts on a BMW? 

Call your BMW dealer and talk to the parts department. They will tell you what torque you need to put on the bolts. We purposely left that information out because the torque specs can vary, and you don't want to strip these bolts. ;) Either get the factory repair manual or call the BMW dealer to get the correct torque specs. It is worth taking five minutes to verify than spending countless hours trying to repair a stripped or broken bolt. 


How many hours does it take to change the motor mounts on a BMW?

On average, it takes about five hours to change the two engine mounts on a BMW. The transmission mounts are easier to replace and require an additional 1.5-2 hours to change.


Why should I change the motor mounts on a BMW?

If you are experiencing extreme vibrations in your BMW, most likely you need new motor mounts. Once you change the motor mounts, you are going to feel like you just got a brand new BMW. Seriously! The car will feel like it just rolled out of the factory. 


How long do BMW engine mounts last? 

BMW motor mounts can fail as early as 100,000 miles. Especially if the car was driven aggressively, the life of the motor mounts will be reduced. 


What are some BMW motor mount part numbers? 
  • E46 HYDRAULIC Engine Motor + Transmission Mount Mounts for BMW 325Xi 330Xi

    • 22116750862 ; 11812283798 ; 22 31 6 773 125


    • 22 11 6 769 285 ; 22116769285 22 11 6 769 286 ; 22116769286


    • 11811092583 ; 22116771361 ;1181 1 140 985

    • 22 11 6 779 970 ; 22111095444 ; 22 11 6 771 361

    • 22116779970 ; 22316799331 ; 22 31 6 799 331

  • E24 E28  Engine Motor Mount Mounts for BMW 635CSi LEFT + RIGHT

    • 11811132793 


    • 22116760330


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