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Submitted by 2008E350 Explorer on November 3, 2019
Fix Sun Visor Vanity Light Switch on Mercedes-Benz E-Class.


Sun visor (vanity) light does not come on even after replacing the light bulb. 

The problem may be that the switch for the sun visor light may fail. 


If you have a faulty vanity mirror switch on your Mercedes-Benz W211 chassis, or any E class sedan, (mine is a 2008 E350) you can easily fix the switch problem.

  1. Flip open the sun visor. sun visor light not working


  2. Remove the mirror along with the plastic trim. Be careful with the lid as it can easily break. 
    mercedes sun visor light fix
    Sun visor lid broke during removal. 


  3. I took two small rubber bumpers from eyeglass repair kit glued them on top of each other and then glued that on top of the little black switch that’s behind the mirror on the vanity.mercedes sun visor light not working


  4. Be careful not to let any of the glue seep down into the switch itself or else it might freeze up. This one was on the passenger side of my sedan. It’s a very easy fix and I hope it works for you!