In this guide, we go over the steps needed to replace the brake hose on a Ford Ranger.

In this case, the brake hose had a bubble and which if ignored may burst while driving.


  1. Loosen the lug nuts on the side where you have the bad hose.
  2. Jack up your Ford Ranger and secure the vehicle with jack stands.
  3. Slide a pan under the brake caliper to collect the brake fluid that will drip from the hose and caliper.
  4. Remove the 13mm bolt that secures the brake hose to the brake caliper.brake line bolt


  5. Disconnect the brake line from the brake hose at the frame.remove brake hose


  6. Remove the metal clip from the brake hose in order to remove the brake hose from the car.remove brake hose clip Ford Ranger


  7. Connect the brake hose to the brake line.connect brake line to brake line Ford truck


  8. Connect the brake hose to the brake caliper. Make sure to install washers on each side of the bolt.brake hose washers Ford ranger


  9. Top of the brake fluid reservoir with brake fluid.
  10. Loosen the bleed screw. Start the vehicle and press the brake pedal several times until only brake fluid comes of the bleed screw. If air bubbles are visible don't tighten the brake caliper. Tighten the bleed screw once all the air bubbles are removed.
  11. Recheck the brake fluid reservoir and ad brake fluid if necessary. Inspect the brake hose and ensure there are no brake fluid leaks at the hose connections.