We had a Mercedes-Benz with a burned out amp.

If the amplifier fails on your Mercedes-Benz, the radio may turn on, but you are not going to get any sound coming out of the speakers.


Follow this procedure to learn how to replace the radio amplifier on your Mercedes-Benz W209.

  1. Park vehicle and make sure to remove key from ignition.
  2. Open the trunk by pressing the turn open button on your key fob. If that doesn't work, you can use the emergency key in your keyfob to manually open the trunk.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery terminal from the battery.
  4. Remove the liner on the left side of the trunk.Mercedes benz amplifier location


  5. Disconnect the wire harnesses from the amplifier. There are two connectors.disconnect mercedes ampliferPress on the connector then pull them out to disconnect them.mercedes amplifer disconnected


  6. Remove both 10mm bolts that secure the amplifier to the vehicle body. Be careful so that the amplifier doesn't fall.Mercedes amp location bolts


  7. Install the new amplifier in reverse order.replace mercedes amplifier


If you purchased a used amplifier with the exact same number it should work. Even though programing is recommended.

The wires harness was damaged. Instead of removing the whole wire harness which would have taken way to long, we decided to cut the damaged part and reconnect a new connector at the end.

Additional photos

Mercedes amp clips

MB Ampmb amp

burned mb amp