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Mercedes-Benz Command Controller Unit Rotating Function Failure

The rotating function of certain Mercedes-Benz COMAND control knobs is known to stop working. This is caused by the oftentimes broken internal plastic shaft. All other functions will continue to work.


There is no need to replace the entire COMAND unit, as suggested by Mercedes-Benz. Save money by simply replacing the broken plastic shaft with a new aluminum version of it.

Tools Required

Part Required

Replacement Instructions: 

Step 1. Remove the unit from the center console of the vehicle. (This process will vary in different vehicles) When removing the switch assembly, be mindful of the wiring connector. Rough handling could lead to broken wires.

Removed Switch Assembly

Step 2. Remove the knurled knob cover with a flat screwdriver. Rotate the knob and lift the cover from the knob incrementally. Often the cover is seized to the knob and may take some time for it to shift. Avoid scratching the cover and top surface of the assembly. The assembly has sharp edges; wear protective gloves as the hand can slip during this step.

Use Small Flat ScrewdriverLift the knurled cover

Step 3. Remove the ring and cap with a flat screwdriver. The cap holds on with an adhesive film. Handle with care as it will be reused. 

Remove Ring


Step 4. Remove the knob top screw with a T8 screwdriver. 

Use T8 Screwdriver

Step 5. Remove the ten screws on the bottom with a T10 screwdriver. 

Remove Bottom ScrewsSeparate the top and bottom component

Step 6.  Lift and remove the stacked four components. Try to keep them in the same position for an easier installation during assembly.

Four Components

Step 7.  Remove the four levers with a flat screwdriver. There are two tabs holding the lever. Lift the lever from the middle top section of each side. 

Use Small Flat ScrewdriverSide View

Step 8. Remove the four lever holders with a flat screwdriver.  Pry the tab from the top, then lift the lever holder. 

Use Small Flat ScrewdriverSide View

Step 9. Lift the electrical board away from the bottom section. Push the wire harness through the brackets as you lift the board.  

Electrical Board Removed

Step 10. Replace the broken plastic shaft with the new IE Works Shaft. It is recommended to apply metal-to-plastic grease on both ends of the new shaft.

New Shaft Installed

Assembling Tip

The stacked components in step six need to be installed in the same position as they were removed.