This week are working on a 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK550.

This W209 has two main issues.

  • Convertible Top is not working
  • No sound from radio

As you press the button to open the top, the side windows only go down a little. Then nothing happens. Scanning the car gave code for convertible top pump has open cirucit.

We decided to check the fluid level and fuses.

mercedes clk convertible top pump motor location

As we access the convertible top pump in the left side of the trunk, we were shocked to find out that the whole wire harness was completly burned up.

mercedes electrical fire

Right above the convertible top pump is the ampliffer. Wire harness for the amplifier and also the optical lines were melted. Which explains why there is no sound coming from the head unit even though it turns on.

damaged mercedes optical lines

In addition, the hydraulic lines to operate the trunk during the convertible operation were damaged.

melted hydrulic lines mercedes

Since the lines had melted, they had leaked all the hydraulic fluid.

This is what many Mercedes-Benz owners and mechanics call an electrical nightmare.

The cause of this fire seems to have been the convertible top pump. It is hard to tell exactly if it was the relay by the pump or the pump itself as almost everything on this pump is burned up.

While this is not a cheap repair, looking on the bright side, the whole car didn't burn down.