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Submitted by MercedesMedic on November 19, 2019
Mercedes PCMCIA Card Adapter Setup Instructions

Various Mercedes-Benz models have what is called a PCMCIA (or also known as PC CARD) interface. We have noticed Mercedes-Benz owners often don't utilize the PCMCIA port on their cars.

A PCMCIA card can be used in combination with an SD card to play music, audiobooks, or any MP3 file that you can store on an SD card.

The Mercedes PCMCIA card's advantage is that it offers superior sound quality compared to other solutions such as FM Bluetooth Adapter. It also allows you to save thousands of songs and audiobooks on one card.

No need to burn CDs or use data on your phone. A PCMCIA card can be used on many models, including W204, W205, W207, W218, W212, W221, W222.

In the following video, we demonstrate how to use a PCMCIA card on Mercedes-Benz vehicles to play music. 

What you will need

pcmcia adapter for mercedes class



We would recommend an OEM Mercedes PCMCIA adapter instead of the aftermarket solutions whenever possible.

mercedes sd card for pcmcia adapter


SD Card Class 10

  • Use an SD card up to 32 GB.
  • You will need an SD card where you can save the MP3 files. Most PCMCIA cards can utilize cards up to 32GB, which means you can save thousands of songs or tracks on a single card.
  • Format the card to FAT file system or as recommended by the manufacturer of the PCMCIA adapter. 
  • Class 10 SD Card preferred. 
mercedes pcmcia pc card to sd to usb adapter


SD Card to USB Card Reader

If your computer can read SD cards, you do NOT need this. If your computer can not read an SD card, you can use an SD to USB Card Reader, which will allow you to plug the SD card into the USB port. 


  1. Get a Mercedes PCMCIA to SD Adapter and an SD CARD.
  2. Take your SD card and insert it into your computer.
  3. Go to My Computer and select the card you just inserted.
  4. Right-click on the Format the SD card to FAT32 or exFAT. IMPORTANT: You need to make sure you are formatting the correct drive. If you format the wrong drive, you will lose data stored on that drive. 
  5. Once you format, the SD card opens up the drive using File Explorer and copy MP3 files that you would like to listen to on your car. Organize files in a folder for easy access.
  6. Eject the SD Card from your PC. 
  7. Insert the PCMCIA adapter into the port on your COMAND. 
  8. Start the car and turn on the head unit. Vehicle must remain in Park. 
  9. Insert the SD Card into the PCMCIA adapter. 
  10. Use the controls to switch the audio to MP3. 

It is recommended to format your SD card to FAT file system instead of on NTFS. 

Applicable Models

Mercedes-Benz with PCMCIA Command APS System.

  • S Class: S300,S500,S350,S600 (before 2010)
  • E Class: E200,E260,E300,E350,E200L,E260L,E300L ( before 2012.06 can use)
  • C Class: C260,C280,C300,C63,E63 (before 2012.06)
  • SLK Class: SLK200, SLK280, SLK350 ( SLK before 2012.06 )
  • CLS Class: CLS350, CLS500 (CLS before 2012.02 can use)
  • GLK Class: GLK300, GLK350