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Submitted by AutoCeli on September 27, 2019
Mercedes S-Class W221 Hood Stuck

This week we are dealing with a Mercedes-Benz that has a stuck hood. Pulling the hood release won't fully release the hood.

struck mercedes hood

The hood is releasing on the passenger side, but it is not released on the driver's side.

This is what we had to do to open the hood on this Mercedes-Benz.

  1. Park your Mercedes and take off the front wheel on the side the latch is stuck. If both are stuck, take off both front wheels.
  2. Remove the wheel liner completely or pry out part of the liner behind the fender on the forward part.HOW TO RELEASE W221 HOOD


  3. Use a long rod with a small bent tip to insert between the fender and headlight. Reach out to the hood latch and pull back on the small latch.release hood s class


  4. Pull on the hood latch release to open the hood. Use a flashlight and be patient. It may take anywhere from 5 min to 20 min to release the hood on the W221.
  5. Once you get the hood open, remove the hood latch, and inspect the cable. There is a good chance the cable is off the latch. Spray lubricating oil on the hood latch and cable.mercedes hood latch off


You may able to release the hood latch via the front grille with a flat-head screwdriver; going this route, there is a chance that you can cause damage or scratches to the hood.



Sometimes the hood may not open due to the fact that the latch is misaligned or the release is not pulling the latch.

If that's the case, try the following.

  1. Have a friend put both hands at the front of the hood and push down the hood and keep it pushed.
  2. You pull the hood release under the dashboard and keep it pulled out.
  3. Have the friend stop pushing down on the hood. Now they can try to pull up the hood to see if it will release.