How to Mirror Phone Display to Mercedes COMAND Screen

In this guide, we show you how to wirelessly connect an Android/iPhone smartphone to the Mercedes COMAND head unit.

This setup will show whatever is displaying on your phone on your car's screen. Yes, you can do that with Android Auto or Apple Carplay, but that's not the same. Plus, Android Auto / Carplay capabilities are only available on some 2016 and newer Mercedes models.

We could mirror the screen of an Android to COMAND head unit on a 2009 Mercedes-Benz S Class. All done wirelessly, and the audio was routed to the car's speaker.

What you will need


For this setup to work, you will need to make sure that your Mercedes-Benz has AV input. 

  1. Locate the AV input on your car. On the S Class, the input is in the glove box. On ML, GL, R class, the AV input may be located at the rear center console (rear entertained input). 
  2. Connect the AV cables to the AV inputs and the HDMI2AV converter. Connect the yellow plug on the yellow port. Also, connect the white and red cables to the corresponding ports. Yellow plug in the video, white and red are audio. It is important to get HDMI in and AV out converter. Not AV2HDMI
  3. Connect AnyCast to the HDMI port of the HDMI2AV converter. 
  4. Plug-in cable on the AnyCast and HDMI converter and connect to a USB port. This will power up both devices. 
  5. Press the button on the side of AnyCast to enable ScreenShare.
  6. On your Android phone, go to Settings > Share & Connect Screen Sharing (You can also use MirrorLink)
  7. Turn on ScreenSharing and pair with AnyCast. 
  8. Wait for the phone to connect to AnyCast. It can take up to 1 minute. 


To minimize distractions that the video may cause, your Mercedes-Benz COMAND display may fade or turn off when the vehicle is in Drive or at speeds over 5 miles per hour.