Toyota Tundra Amplifier Upgrade

This weekend I decided to upgrade the amplifier on my Toyota Tundra. 

The stock amp is installed under the front passenger seat. I decided to remove it and install the new amp in the same location. The only difference is that for the new amp, I had to run a 12-volt power line from the battery to the amp. 


  1. Disconnected the negative battery terminal. 
  2. Remove front passenger tundra seatThere are two bolts at the front of the seat and two bolts behind.bolts rear of seat remove pasenger seatThe bolts on the back are covered with plastic covers that simply pop up. Next, tilt the front passenger seatback to expose the stock amp. 
  3. Remove the black cover from the stock stosck amplifier location under passenger seat It is held in place with three plastic retainers. Unplug the electrical connectors. Press on the connector, then pull. amp connectorUse a 10mm socket to remove the stock amplifier.  amp removal toyota


  4. Next, run a positive wire from the battery.wire throught the fire wall We fished the wire through the existing holes on the firewall. The wires came out right below the glove box. wire through the firewallYou can put the wires through the rubber plug where there are existing wires going through. Make sure to secure the wire as it runs from one corner of the engine bay to the next. Also, make sure the wire that feeds the 12 volts has an inline fuse. 12 volt inline fuse
  5. Run negative ground to a ground screw behind the amp under the carpet.ground wire


  6. Secure new amp to vehicle.installed amplifier toyota tundra We had to make custom brackets to secure the amp as the stock holes didn't match our new amplifier. Plug wires for the speakers. Use the wiring diagram that came with your amplifier to figure out each speaker. 
  7. Connect the ground and positive wires. 
  8. Turn truck on to confirm everything works.
  9. Reattach carpet and seat wires. Install the seat. seat removal


  10. Turn the volume up and enjoy.

Do not turn on the ignition if you have the wires unplugged from the passenger seat, or you will cause the airbag light to come on.