Product Testing Program


Our mission is to provide unbiased, honest reviews that benefit our readers and provide feedback to the manufacturer.

Free Product Testing in USA

Thank you for considering YOUCANIC to review your products. Products are reviewed by the editorial team. Our goal is to provide honest opinions and reports of your product. By submitting your product to YOUCANIC for a review you have the opportunity to gain major exposure with our audience. Product reviews help our readers learn about new products before making purchasing decisions.

 What we review

Products must appeal to car owners. Some examples of products we review include tools, OBD2 scanners, jump starters, aftermarket head units, HID or LED light kits and other products related to DIY auto repair.

 How do I submit a product review

  1. First step, is to read and understand Read Product Review Policy.
  2. Next, submit a Product Review Form. Include the following information.
    • Description of the product
    • How long has it been on the market
    • Where can be purchased
    • Retail value in USD
    • Information about your company
  3. Wait for a reply from our team. Typically within two business days. 
  4. Ship your product as instructed.

Submitting a product for review does not guarantee your product will be reviewed on our site.
Because of the number of queries we receive, incomplete or inappropriate submissions will not be acknowledged or replied to.

 What's next?

  1. Once a product is received it takes about 10 to 14 days to have the review published online. By completing the above form, we can determine if your product is appropriate to our audience.
  2. If we choose to review your product it will be featured in an article on our site.
  3. We will test and perform a hands-on review of your products.
  4. Highlight features of the product. Highlight how it can help our audience.
  5. All articles include a section describing how the product can be improved. Constructive criticism.
  6. The article will be published under the Reviews section of YOUCANIC website.
  7. Aritlce will include a link where our members can purchase your product.
  8. Once the review has been completed, we will send you our “Featured Product” Badge. You can display the badge on your blog or website.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about our product testing program. If after reading the above information, you have additional questions, please contact us.

 Product Review Policy

  • Do not send a product for review without first getting approval.
  • Products submitted for review will not be returned. Unless sender requests a return before sending the unit and has been approved. 
  • The cost to ship the product will be paid by the company requesting the review. 
  • Videos produced by YOUCANIC cannot be downloaded or shared on other sites such as Youtube. 
  • YOUCANIC retains copywriter of the review. You can link to the review but not reproduce any parts of it. 
  • Any site not deemed appropriate for our readers will be rejected for review.
  • We do our best to optimize the review for best SEO ranking but we do not guarantee specific ranking.
  • You will be responsible for shipping your sample to USA.


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