I took the cluster out to replace some bulbs, and try to remedy some of the pixel display - ribbon connection issues.  Doing this I had to lightly pull up the circuit board to gain access, not completely removing it.  Somehow during this the speedo needle got tripped and is now resting below about 20 mph.  Seems that its actuated, not by spring on older models.  I tried manually moving it, or pushing it way over and it will reset it self, but always below that zero mark.  Unhooked the negative as well, no result.  Is there a reset procedure Im missing, or that needs to be coded at the dealer?



How much did you need to pull up that circuit board?  That may have damaged a connection and now the board isn't relaying the correct information.  There should be a little black button sticking out of the instrument panel ahead of the steering wheel.  Push that two or three times until the screen flashes, then hold it down for 30 seconds to a minute.  That should reset the display and may fix the problem.

Not by much at all.  This button you speak of, is it the reset button?