03 dodge stratus coupe 2.4 16 valve

I recently took my car which had a tiny miss but u could barely tell into the garage where one of my customers worked to have it looked over seeing i had just gotten this car not to long prior i wanted to have it checked out...while there he said i needed to get my plugs and wires changed i told him that i has them just hadn’t gotten them done yet he offered and changed them for me...I take off to leave after he’s done and my car has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER and barely can get out of its own path (mind u when he changed the plugs and wires he said I’d need a oil valve cover gasket kit and coil #2 but it would be fine for alil while) I’m not even two mins away and the oil light comes on i stop and call him to let him know he chuckles and says come back. i pull back in and find out he has left a spark plug out which he said didn’t hurt my car at all which i don’t know how it could be good on it by no means! He said that i def needed my coil but the reason my oil light came on was because my oil hpump came out on me and i know things happen and i of all people know i have the worst luck but this is crazy to me my car ran fine before i took it in there to get looked over it had power and would run like no other just with a tiny miss & here it’s barely running (moving which it does just no power) well it sat there for a week without him even looking at it I went up unhooked the battery terminals and reset the computer to take off the codes which he couldn’t figure out how to even hook the code reader up on my car!! Well all the lights went off when i started it back up the check engine light came on I’m guessing it’s the bad coil opened the oil lid and found out the oil pump was working just fine i immediately yelled for him and he proceeded to tell me that it just started working lol I said no it never quit working smh ...it idled for every bit of 10 mins just fine and i took it out of there moved it maybe 100 feet and sat there with it running well the rpms was dipping low and it would die like it wasn’t getting any fuel then soon as u would put it n drive it would die but start right back up well i ended up taking it up the road running sick as can be I had full intentions to take it to an auto zone and have the computer put on it seeing he couldn’t do it smh when I went a couple miles up the road the oil light started flashing again i was nervous so I parked it any ideas as to what maybe the problem? Is it due to the bad coil ? Or what I don’t want nor Can I afford to put a ton of money into a car if it’s going to remain sitting!