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The rear windows haven’t worked since I bought the car. Check all fuses and relays. Checked rear Sam unit for water damage and no signs of water. Don’t know what else to do?


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EuroTech  1 year ago

I would remove one of the door panels on the back. Check for power going to the motor. Test the motors by feeding 12 volt.


If there is no power going to the motor, the main switch on the driver's door may be the problem.


Let me know if I can be of further help.


Please post an update when you figure out the problem.

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Brock Layton  1 year ago

I will check the door already replaced the switch on the driver door. I am just confused because both back windows don’t work but the door locks do work. Weird.

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EuroTech  1 year ago

Brock there is a good chance both window motors have failed. Not common for both of them to fail at once, but they do fail often.


I would check for power and feed the motor directly to find out where to go next.