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I have an 09 Ford Escape XLT 3.0 V6 and when I try and take it from park into gear it shuts down and then the windshield wiper fluid shoots out the only way I can get it to go from park into gear is if I disconnect the battery for about 3 hours then it'll go from park into gear and I can drive it but only for a few minutes when I hit the accelerator the car shuts down again and the windshield wiper fluid shoots out. I'm also giving up P0 400 code for the EGR valve and I took that off and tried to clean it and there's not a lot of carbon buildup on it at all but that didn't seem to solve the problem or get rid of the code. Any advice would be appreciated because anybody I've talked to they have no idea it's a mystery to them

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BMWadict  4 months 2 weeks ago

This problem is most likely caused by defective control module. It could be the ECU or one of the body modules. If you have access to a good scanner that can diagnose multiple systems on your Ford, you can read the codes and see what comes up. If not you will have to take it to a shop.

A generic OBD II scanner will simply give you generic emissions related codes and will not be able to help you much.